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Video of "Transnationalization of Democracy" lecture

Habermas's Princeton lecture, May 1 2014: "Transnationalization of Democracy: a European Eperiment" https://www.facebook.com/Habermas/posts/1491253524438224
Gary E. Davis
May 23, 2014

Habermas and truth

"Habermas and truth"* October 2003, I did a careful series of discussions which I would have revised soon afterward, if revising postings were possible. But
Gary E. Davis
Mar 22, 2014

Reason: reflexivity and rationalization

"Reason: reflexivity and rationalization" * Habermas's sociocentric approach to reason is complex, ultimately paradoxical, but fascinating to examine. This
Gary E. Davis
Mar 20, 2014

On “Norms and Values: On Hilary Putnam's Kantian Pragmatism”

"In virtue of ethical pragmatics" * My discussion is a close reading of Habermas's essay from Truth and Justification (MIT 2003), pp. 213-35. It renders an
Gary E. Davis
Mar 19, 2014

Ghost of Derrida / "pragmatic virtue ethics"?

If you're familiar with the "Detranscendentalization" essay, you might recall that there are two kinds of "triangulation" examined (Gadamerian textuality as
Gary E. Davis
Mar 12, 2014

Habermas' "...Detranscendentalized ?Use of Reason??

I would enjoy discussing this essay with anyone who has thought through it entirely. In particular, I'm interested in JH's discussion of Davidson in a later
Gary E. Davis
Mar 12, 2014

imperialism in the EU? I don't think so.

Larry,  I hate imperialism, of course.  But you may dislike my lack of worry about it.  The notion of imperialism is premised on the preexistence of a
Gary E. Davis
Feb 23, 2014

Re: A Decisive Moment: between family and neighbor

Gary, as I may have said before, from a Left perspective I view the mission-creep of the EU with great trepidation. We all know of Putin's
Larry O'Hara
Feb 23, 2014

A Decisive Moment: between family and neighbor

In a speech to the Ukranian nation, Acting President Oleksander Turchinov said today that “We [want] a truly equitable and good-neighborly” relation with
Gary E. Davis
Feb 23, 2014

a short note on JH, solidarity & constitutional integration

Re: "Habermas and German economic policy" G>>"I've wanted to discuss Habermas's Athens lecture of last April (which became a focus of a recent issue of the
Feb 11, 2014

Re: Habermas and German economic policy

"I've wanted to discuss Habermas's Athens lecture of last April (which became a focus of a recent issue of the journal Philosophy and Social Critique). I hope
Drew Pierce
Feb 11, 2014

Habermas and German economic policy

If your eyes don't glaze over at the prospect of reading more about the EU financial crisis, I've posted a link to a long news account of Habermas's recent
Feb 4, 2014

Does Critical Theory have an insightful future?

"Critical Theory in Critical Times," Northwester University, early May 2014 http://www.wcas.northwestern.edu/criticaltheory/CriticalTheoryConference.htm
Jan 18, 2014

Special issue of Philosophy & Social Criticism

Habermas's lecture 2013 on "International Law" is part of a special issue, just out. I've noted that at the Facebook/Habermas page, dated today. And I have
Gary E. Davis
Jan 7, 2014

philosophy of teaching & Habermas

You might think that a deeply elaborated sense of the cultivation of humanity (which Habermas's work can be read to be) would suggest a focus on the nature of
Sep 17, 2013
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