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Ability: Employment Resources for Individuals who have been label led disabled.

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  • Lessard, George
    Ability: Employment Resources for Individuals who have been labelled disabled. (38 Sites) http://www.kenevacorp.mb.ca/disable.htm Ability: Employment Resources
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      Ability: Employment Resources for Individuals who have been labelled
      (38 Sites)


      Ability: Employment Resources for Individuals labelled disabled

      Information Resources
      New Brunswick
      Nova Scotia
      British Columbia
      International Networks

      Information Resources
      Information About Supported Employment
      The Alberta Association for Community Living has assembled a bibliography of
      resources on supportive employment. The resources listed include information
      about both the philosophy of supportive employment, the value to the
      employer, and the practical application.
      Ability in the WorkPlace
      This site provides information about recruiting, interviewing and hiring
      people with disabilities.
      Barrier Free Employers
      Barrier Free Employers provides practical information about how to
      accommodate a person who is disabled for employers who wish to hire
      individuals with a disability.
      Transitional Job Fund
      The Transitional Job Fund provides a subsidy for employers who hire
      individuals with a physical or sensory disability.

      IAM CARES:International Association of Machinists Center for Administering
      Rehabilitation and Employment Services (IAM CARES)
      Executive Director
      1760 rue Poirier
      H4L 1J5
      7879 Edmonds Street
      Burnaby, BC
      V3N 1B9
      Tel: 521-2921
      TTY - 525-2924
      This service provides job placement services to people with disabilities.
      Indie:Employment Agencies
      Indie lists thirteen different employment agencies for persons with
      The Job Accommodation Network in Canada (JANCAN)
      Sponsored by the Canadian Council on
      Rehabilitation and Work
      410-167 Lombard Avenue
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      R3B 0T6
      1-800-526-2262 calls are answered from 8am. to 8pm
      Eastern time Mon-Thurs and 8-5 on Friday.
      (TDD)Voice: (204) 293-5470
      (TDD)Fax: (204) 944-0753
      e-mail: jan@...
      JAN is an international toll-free consulting service that provides
      information about job accommodations and employability of people with
      functional limitations. The service is available in both english and french.
      National Institute for Disability Management and Research
      The National Institute for Disability Management and Research publishes
      publications, such as,"Strategies for Success: Disability Management in the
      Workplace", which are relevant to managing a disability in the workplace.
      They also offer a certificate course in Disability management.
      Neilsquare Foundation
      The Nielsquare Foundation operates the Creative Employment Options program
      in BC, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. The Creative Employment program
      offers employment training to expand computer applications, adaptive
      technology and expand vocational preparation. Contact information for each
      of the programs is provided at the site.
      Government of Canada Announces One-Year Renewal of Program Designed to Help
      Persons With Disabilities Enter the Workforce: Vocational Rehabilitation of
      Disabled Persons Program (VRDP)
      Opportunities 45+
      Tony Palmer
      One Voice, the Canadian Seniors Network
      1005-350 Sparks Street
      Ottawa, ON
      K1R 7S8
      Tel: (613) 238-7624
      Fax: (613) 235-4497
      E-mail: info@...
      Opportunities 45 is a project which aims to help older workers (+45) who are
      disabled find employment. Complete information about the programs goals and
      strategies, as well as, partnerships are included on the site.
      Work Inc.
      The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work developed WORKink for
      persons with a disability. The site features employment postings and
      articles about looking for employment and training opportunities.

      New Brunswick
      Government Programs Available to Students
      This site provides information about 3 programs which help persons with
      disabilities to find employment. The programs listed include: Equal
      Employment Opportunity Program, the Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled
      Persons, and Visible Abilities program.

      Burin-Marystown Community Training & Employment Board
      The aim of this program is to outline the benefits to business of hiring
      someone with a disability.

      Nova Scotia
      Cumberland Disabilities Partnership Committee (C.D.P.C.)
      Information Office
      7 Spring Street
      Amherst, NS
      B4H 1R6
      Tel: (902)667-3620 (TTY)
      Fax: (902)667-0317
      E-mail: cdpc@...
      The Cumberland Disabilities Partnership Committee is a non profit
      organization that supplies employment counselling and services for persons
      with disabilities in Cumberland County. Information is provided for
      employers about the type of services that are offered.
      Job Brokerage Centre
      The Job Brokerage Centre offers employment services for people with
      disabilities in the Halifax area.
      Kings CMHA Outreach
      Employment Counselling Centre
      325 Main Street, Kentville
      Nova Scotia
      Cornwallis Inn Complex
      Tel/Fax: (902) 678-3146
      E-mail: outreach@...
      This service helps individuals who have suffered from mental illness, to
      find employment.
      Summer Street Industries
      Anne MacBeth or Lori Hill
      Supportive Employment Program
      Summer Street Industries
      72 Park St.
      New Glasgow,
      Nova Scotia
      B2H 5B8
      Tel: (902) 755-1745
      Fax: (902) 755-1956
      E-mail: ssi@...
      All e-mails should be sent to either Anne MacBeth or Lori Hill This is a
      supportive employment program aimed at assisting individuals with mental
      disability to obtain employment.

      Montreal Association for the Blind (MAB)
      7000 Sherbrooke Street West,
      Montreal, QC,
      H4B 1R3.
      Tel: (514) 489-8201.
      Fax (514) 489-3477.
      E-Mail: mabinfo@...
      This program is designed to meet both the needs of the employer and the job

      Community Living Sarnia: Employment Support Services
      Complete information is provided about the program, the benefits to the
      employers of supported employment, testimonials and contact information.
      Supports to Employment
      This site provides information about supports to employment for individuals
      with disability in Ontario.
      K-W Habilitation Services
      180 Sydney Street,
      Kitchener, Ontario
      N2G 3V2
      Tel: (519) 744-6307
      Fax: (519) 571-1629
      E-mail: kwhab@...
      K_W Habilitation Services provides employment placement services individuals
      who are labelled developmentally handicapped within the community.
      Ontario March of Dimes
      Ontario March of Dimes
      10 Overlea Boulevard
      Toronto, Ont.
      M4H 1A4
      Tel: (416) 425-DIME (3463)
      Fax: (416) 425-1920.
      The Ontario March of Dimes provides a variety of services to help
      individuals who are unemployed find employment. Their services range from
      assessment, job placement, and supportive employment. A Job Finding Club is
      available. Information about these services can be found under the link
      called programs and services.
      Amity Goodwill Industries

      225 King William St.
      Hamilton, Ont.
      L8R 1B1
      Tel: (905) 526 - 8481
      E-mail: amity@...
      Amity Goodwill aims to provide employment opportunities for individuals who
      are disabled.
      Employment and Training for People with Disabilities
      388 Dundas Street
      Suite # 301
      London, Ontario
      N6B 1V7
      Voice/TDD: (519) 673-5600
      Fax: 519-673-0316
      BBS: 519-673-5456
      This organization provides a variety of resources:
      Information about programs offered by other agencies
      Lists of contacts
      Information about programs offered by provincial and national organizations
      An electronic BBS which provides labour market information
      A newsletter
      Line 1000 Placement Services
      1355 Bank Street, suite 209
      Ottawa, Ontario
      K1H 7K6
      Tel :(613) 731-7620
      Fax :(613) 731-3510
      TTY :(613) 731-1621
      E-Mail: placement@...
      Line 1000 provides employment placement services for individuals labelled
      disabled. The services provided for persons with disabilities include
      employment placement, career counselling, workshops, labour market
      information, and an employer network.
      Progressive Place
      Located in Toronto, Progressive Place offers services for persons with
      mental health problems opportunities to live more optimal lives. They have
      an employment training and placement program.

      Reaching E-Quality Employment Services

      608 - 294 Portage Avenue
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      R3C 0B9
      Tel: (204) 947-1609
      TTY: (204) 947-3480
      Fax: (204) 947-2932
      E-mail: rees@...
      Job Seekers:
      The company helps you to explore career options through identifying skills,
      testing interests and aptitudes, analysing the impact of disability on the
      job, and to explore training and career opportunities. Job seekers are
      taught to market themselves through developing a resume and learning job
      search techniques.
      The company provides a full recruiting service, in addition, they provide a
      information and consulting services on issues regarding hiring an individual
      with a disability.
      Network South
      326 Wardlaw Avenue
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      Tel:(204) 474-1956
      Executive Director: Shelly Ferec-LeGall
      Network South is a supportive employment program for individuals with
      learning disabilities and developmental handicaps. It helps to place
      individuals in integrated work environments by matching the skills of the
      individual to the needs of the employer. Network South provides support to
      the employer during the employees training period. The Program is funded by
      both the provincial and federal government.
      Source: Winnipeg Free Press
      The Vocational Rehabilitation Research Institute
      3304 - 33rd Street NW,
      Calgary, Alberta
      T2L 2A6
      The Vocational Rehabilitation Research Institute is a non profit
      organization which assists persons with a disability for live in the
      community Their Community Service Program offers a variety of programs to
      help people with disabilities find employment.
      # 402 - 10909 Jasper Avenue,
      Edmonton, Alberta,
      Tel: (403) 423-4106
      EmployAbilities is a non profit organization which helps persons with
      physical disabilities to find employment.

      British Columbia
      Douglas College 527-JOBS
      Tel: 527-JOBS (5627) Job hotline
      527-JOBS is designed for employers, in the greater Vancouver area, who are
      motivated to hire an employee who has been labelled with a disability. They
      provide a database of qualified employees and provide employers with an
      informal information session to ensure that you and your co-workers feel
      comfortable. If a job coach is required they can arrange for this service at
      no cost to the employer.
      E-Den stands for the Electronic Disability- Employment Network. It is a list
      serve to exchange ideas on disability and employment in British Columbia.
      Opportunities through Rehabilitation and Work Society
      17355 27Aa Avenue , Surrrey BC
      Tel: (604)872-7888
      Fax: (604) 872-7889
      The focus of the agency is the provision of vocational assessment, skill
      training and job placement service to residents of British Columbia with all
      types of disabilities.
      Worker's with Disability Project: Accommodation and Partnership Program
      This program aims to help both disabled and chronically ill to adapt more
      fully to their work environment.

      Scholarships Available to Students
      This is a list of scholarships which are available to students in the
      Province of New Brunswick. The list is compiled from the Premiers Council on
      the Status of Disabled Persons.
      Bu rsaries for Disabled Students
      This site list Bursaries which are available for disabled students at
      Université de Montréal Disabled Student Services office.

      International Networks:
      Gladnet:Global Applied Disability Research Network for
      Employment and Training
      Gladnet is a global research network that focuses on concrete ways to help
      achieve equality in training and employment for persons with disabilities.

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