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Microsoft Office Tutorials from INNOVATIVE TEACHING

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  • George(s) Lessard
    From: Walter McKenzie   Date: Sat Sep 30, 2000 4:03am Subject: Microsoft Office Tutorials Over 2,600 subscribers strong!
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      From: Walter McKenzie  <mrmck@s...>
      Date: Sat Sep 30, 2000 4:03am
      Subject: Microsoft Office Tutorials <September 30, 2000>
      Over 2,600 subscribers strong!


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      September 20, 2000

        The first thing I advocate doing when planning a comprehensive technology
      program for a faculty is to purchase Microsoft Office licenses for every
      machine in the building. Office is available for both PC and MAC platforms
      (although the MAC version omits Access), and can work successfully with
      WordPerfect files, as well. It is the industry standard for office productivity
      tools, and teachers deserve to have the best tools at their fingertips!

        What is most enticing about Office is that teachers can work at home on their
      PC and at school on their iMac interchangeably for lesson plans, electronic
      grade keeping, slide show presentations - the wall between the competing
      operating systems comes down! Of course, you can always use the Microsoft
      site's offerings at
      Here then is an offering of some first rate unofficial Office Suite tutorials.
      Some are more basic, others more sophisticated, but all will serve you well for
      teacher training. Enjoy!  

        Microsoft Software Tutorials -
      http://microsoftsoft.about.com/compute/microsoftsoft/mbody.htm About.com's Josh
      Andrews provides links to many cool tips sites for Office users, including a
      headliner on activating an autosave feature in Excel and tips for sharing
      Office documents. This is continually updated and keep current, so check back

        Microsoft Word Tutorial - http://www.baycongroup.com/word.htm The BayBon
      Group offers this free series of mini-lessons on everything from toolbars and
      formatting features to setting up tables. The screen capture images offer nice
      illustration of how to access various features in Word.

        Microsoft Word Basics -
      http://connwww.iu5.org/cvelem/tutorials/Wordcover.html The Conneaut School
      District in Linesville, Pennsylvania offers this excellent beginner's guide to
      making use of Word's word processing functions. This is not an advanced
      tutorial and the graphics seem a little off color, but they are effective.

        Microsoft Word Knowdule -
      http://isds.bus.lsu.edu/cvoc/learn/introit/word/index.htm Louisiana State
      University offers this excellent set of activities complete with step-by-step
      pop-up windows and Real Player animations to help guide you each step of the
      way. The set of 5 tutorials range from basic skills to creating web pages using
      Word. Excellent tutorials for Excel and PowerPoint, as well as an Office
      overview, too!

        Excel Tutorial - http://einstein.cs.uri.edu/excel97/excel.html The Glendora
      Public Library offers these eight lessons on worksheets, workbooks, formulae
      and creating charts in an easy to use format with select screen captures to aid
      in your understanding of the spreadsheet environment. There is a companion Word
      tutorial too.

        Microsoft Excel Tutorial - http://www.functionx.com/excel/ Function X offers
      a set of basic tutorials plus downloadable exercises that you can open while
      offline to sharpen your skills. In addition to all the basics of Excel, this
      set of activities delves deeper into important topics such as printing issues,
      working with templates, and the importing and exporting of spreadsheets.

        Microsoft Excel '97 -
      http://www2.coursetools.com/downloads/NewPerspectives/office97/excel.html Here
      is a great set of twelve lessons on Excel '97 along with a set of three data
      disk files you can download and use on your own for further practice. There's
      even a Windows tutorial for you Mac folks. Links to PowerPoint, Word and Access
      tutorials too.

        Microsoft Access Tutorial -
      http://mhs.madison.k12.sd.us/halversp/accessTut.htm Developed with educators in
      mind, this digital version of a quick reference card offers the most basic
      explanations of a database, tables. fields, queries and more in a way that
      distills the basics from more sophisticated database concepts. Great for

        Microsoft Access Tutorials-
      http://mis.bus.sfu.ca/tutorials/MSAccess/tutorials.html This collection of
      downloadable .pdf files takes you from introductory database concepts through
      more intermediate features to help you master all the power Access has to
      offer. There are also Access and Excel support files to help you practice the
      skills taught herein.

        Access Latest Version - http://help.unc.edu/cgi-
      bin/getindex?doctype=Desktop&platform=Windows&product=A ccess%20-
      %20Latest%20Version The University of North Carolina offers this detailed
      collection of mini-lessons on Access '97 and 2000, including more advanced
      functions such as forms, reports and macros. This is not the place to start,
      but certainly a good place to work towards as you master databases!

        Office '97 PowerPoint Tutorial - http://sun3.lib.uci.edu/~mclweb/ppt1.htm
      Very basic step-by-step slide show with lots of graphic images to help you
      learn the ins and outs of this popular presentation software. I especially like
      the graphic design considerations offered at the end of the presentation -
      great for the novice!  

      PowerPoint Tutorial - http://www.oid.ucla.edu/fipse/tutorials/basicppt.html
      UCLA presents this highly graphical set of reference cards which take you from
      beginning PowerPoint skills through custom animation options - virtually
      everything you need to create your own slide show from scratch. This is a good
      starting point.   Click here for the .html version of this week's edition!

      Next week's topic: "Macintosh Support Sites"  

      Please send in URL's of high quality sites which may be of interest to our
      readers to walter@...! Also, I'm always looking for new topic
      ideas and input!   Find More Great Resources at the Innovative Teaching
      Website: http://surfaquarium.com/it.htm.   This newsletter may be forwarded or
      copied provided the header and signature information remain intact. Show a
      colleague what you have found in Innovative Teaching!  =D
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