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Re: Prostate Cancer 5K and 3K Walk in honor of Ron Dunbar

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  • h_t_rex
    Folk registered so far: 5K ... *Plan to register. ... RunRonRun Photo!
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 1 6:47 AM
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      Folk registered so far:

      > David Holloway
      > Fred Ward
      > Larry Teeter
      > Evan Groutage
      > Kathryn Vidal
      > 3K noncompetitive walk
      > Mariela Botella
      > Paige Krekler*
      > Ron Dunbar*
      *Plan to register.

      >>Meet at 7:45AM in front of the Wortham Center to receive your
      RunRonRun Photo!

      > Saturday 11/4 Greater Houston Prostate Cancer 5K Houston Wortham
      > Center
      > http://www.texustoo.org/
      > Did you kow that:
      > Occurs mostly in men over 45 years old. Occasionally it is found in
      > younger men.
      > Is the single most common form of solid tumor in humans.
      > Is newly diagnosed every 2.6 minutes.
      > Is present in more than 9 million men.
      > Kills one man every 13 minutes.
      > Is second only to lung cancer in annual cancer deaths of men.
      > Afflicts one in six men in their lifetime.
      > Strikes as many men (and causes almost as many deaths) as breast
      > cancer does in women.
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