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RE: [hctrLIST] FW: RRCA: Upcoming Coaching Certification Courses

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  • Kimberly A. McQuire
    That s great news! I haven t seen any feedback on the courses, so I m glad to hear it was informative. Even if we don t coach with the certification, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2013

      That’s great news!  I haven’t seen any feedback on the courses, so I’m glad to hear it was informative.  Even if we don’t coach with the certification, the information itself is invaluable.  Coach ourselves with it!


      For the moment I’m just looking for general interest.  Once I see that enough folks would sign up for the course, I’ll pursue the specific clubs and organizations.  I know someone will want to get onboard and get the ball rolling! 




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      Leah and I had attended this course 2 years ago (in fact, it's almost due to re-certify) and it was great! Even for a some who seem to "know a bit", I found it very beneficial - not to mention good to have an official certification in case you decide to veer into this direction, whether volunteer or as a career change.

      I am not sure how many would step in to get required 15 people, but I hope you appeal to Hill Country Running Co, Rogue and may be Houston/Dallas (North Texas?) folks to get interest. They mostly target road groups and sub-marathon distance (obviously), so the "wider" you go, the better are chances.

      Good luck! Keep us all posted!


      On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 12:27 PM, Kimberly A. McQuire <kimberly.a.mcquire@...> wrote:

      Calling Austin and Houston area runners!


      Ben and I have been toying with the idea of becoming certified running coaches.  After looking into it a bit, we found out there is a certification course. 


      The courses are offered around the country, but they must be “hosted” by local running clubs, running stores, or similar.  RRCA will offer a stipend to help cover the cost of food and beverage.  The host must also provide the meeting space, though this is not covered by the stipend (therefore, free spaces are best).  All other aspects (registration, instructor fees and costs, course materials, and testing) are coordinated by RRCA and paid for with the course registration fee ($300).  The courses are offered for 35 people and the RRCA will help ensure certain people are given priority (i.e., those who helped organize the course).  More information may found here.


      The RRCA strongly suggests there be at least 15 individuals committed to attending the course prior to requesting to host the course.  This brings me to the following:


      Does anyone else have any interest in attending the course?  Would HCTR or HTRex be interested in “hosting” the course?  If not, can anyone offer ideas of another organization or business that might be interested in doing so?


      Looking forward to hearing from you all,


      Kimberly A. McQuire



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      Subject: RRCA: Upcoming Coaching Certification Courses


      RRCA: Upcoming Coaching Certifications Click here

      You're receiving this email because you joined the Road Runners Club of America email list for notices about upcoming coaching certifications. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please unsubscribe below. Please do not respond to this email about inquiries about future course locations and dates. We will announce locations as they are scheduled.


      You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails.


      Upcoming RRCA Coaching Certification Course Locations & Dates


      Get certified!

      Open Courses:                                                                                  

      Course information: 


      The goal of the RRCA Coaching Certification Program is to create a national community of knowledgeable and ethical coaches. The certification course emphasizes how to be a successful coach, whether coaching individuals, small groups, or large group training programs, such as 5k, half marathon or marathon training programs.   

      The two-day course includes 16 hours of in-person coursework followed by an online, multiple-choice exam with immediate results. The curriculum includes lecture, group work, and interactive exercises, including working in teams to build training programs for novice and experienced runners.


      Cost for the two-day certification class is $300. Courses are limited to 35 participants. Classes tend to fill quickly, so register as soon as possible.

      Course Transfers and Refund Policy: 


      There are NO course transfers.  If you are registered for a course and would like to attend a different course, you must register for the new course online, and then cancel and request a $250.00 refund for the course you would like to drop.  You may cancel your registration by emailing coaching@.... If you cancel your registration at least two weeks before the course date you will receive a check refund of $250.00. NO EXCEPTIONS. No phone calls please.


      Wait List Information:


      If you are interested in attending a sold-out course posted on the website, please place your name on our wait list form.  We will contact you if a spot becomes available. 


      Continuing Education Credits

      The American College of Sports Medicine's Professional Education Committee certifies that this offering meets the criteria for 16.0 credit hours of ACSM Continuing Education Credit.

      Road Runners Club of America

      1501 Lee Hwy, Ste 140

      Arlington, Virginia 22209

      The RRCA Coaching Certifications are designed to train coaches interested in coaching adult distance runners. There are currently more than 2,700 RRCA Certified Coaches across the US and Canada.   Learn more about hosting a course on behalf of your running club. 





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