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Re: [h_t_rex] Coyote 2 Moon Report and Nueces

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  • Mary Ntefidou
    Mariela, Kim, Jay, Thank you for writing such good reports. Congratulations for the enormous effort you all put in. The bad luck is now behind you and the fun
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 11, 2010
      Mariela, Kim, Jay,

      Thank you for writing such good reports.

      Congratulations for the enormous effort you all put in. The bad luck is now behind you and the fun stuff ahead. To go back next year and enjoy everything even more.

      Jay, I didn't realize it was your first 50 miler. I don't know how you kept going for 38 miles. Next time 50 miles will be a piece of cake.

      Kimalicous and Shmoopy  nothing can throw you off. Your report is cheerful and carefree, 'just a little rain and snow'. That is just inspiring, hope to get there some day.

    • lynnor matheney
      You are a rock Mariela. I would ve been DNS. the wimp
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 11, 2010
        You are a rock Mariela. I would've been DNS.

        the wimp
      • Christi
        I think I would have called it a day, too. Brrr
        Message 3 of 5 , Mar 13, 2010
          I think I would have called it a day, too. Brrr

          --- In h_t_rex@yahoogroups.com, "mariela_botella" <mvbotella@...> wrote:
          > Coyote 2 Moon - March 6th, 2010
          > No howling at the moon this night.
          > OK…so the weather forecast called for a 100% rain on Saturday. Just rain...no big deal.
          > My start time was 3PM Saturday with a planned finish of 8AM Sunday.
          > I debated on what to wear…I guessed mostly right. I wore tights and kept my legs warm, bra (!!), two dry-fit shirts, a light weight jacket and my one mistake a GoLite rain shell, rather than the Gore-Tex I had brought on the trip.
          > It's only a little rain.
          > At the 3PM start it was raining and it slowed to a drizzle as we took off, stopping as we departed the start/finish area. By the time I hit the Ridge Road (~4 miles) it started to sleet. Better sleet than rain I thought, at least it doesn't get you wet.
          > At about mile 10 I start my descent to the 2nd Aid Station, 2 miles steep down-hill from the top of the Ridge Rd junction. Then turn around and start heading back the way I came.
          > By this point it was dark and I was expecting to see Kim heading down to the AS, but she never showed. I figured that for some reason she might have missed the turn.
          > There are 3 gals just a couple of minutes ahead as we climbed and I could see their flashlights in the distance. As the climb progressed it starts to rain…then the rain turns into heavy wet snow flakes. It starts to snow faster…hmmmm???
          > By the time I hit the Ridge Rd. junction it is a total white out blizzard at the top. WOW. I can't see a thing. No wonder Kim missed the turn!
          > I'm pelted by sleet, snow falls into my eyes and all I can do is keep my head down, point my flashlight to the ground and follow the three sets of footsteps on the snowy ground.
          > It's only a little rain...and snow.
          > I run along being buffeted by the wind and snow when I decide to stop to gain my balance on a rutted patch of ground when I notice a set of markers running along the right-side onto a single track trail.
          > Yes, it is still snowing pretty hard. I pull out my `cheat sheet' and see that this is the turn-off for the 3rd Aid Station. I think to myself that the 3 set of footprints I had been following missed the turn.
          > I start seeing runners heading towards me on the single track and finally see Kim heading towards me. She's feeling good and said she would keep going although she missed the 2nd Aid Station because of the bad weather at the top of the ridge and didn't see the turn-off.
          > I plan to keep going as well.
          > It's only a little rain…and snow.
          > Howard Creek AS (~18.4m) was great. Those guys treated me like a soaking wet queen. Peeled off wet jackets and held them by the fire to dry them out a bit while I had some warm soup. They got me all put together again (like Humpty Dumpty) and off I go into the dark. It's raining.
          > I start to climb and the rain turns into snow and as I get closer to the road intersection the snow is deeper and heavier. Not much had changed on the ridge since I had left it.
          > It's only a little rain…and snow.
          > Off to Gridley Top AS (~22.5m) continuing on down the Ridge Rd. and the snow stops and turns back into rain as I loose elevation.
          > At this point, I wasn't sure what to do.
          > I knew that I couldn't drop there because there was no way out except by reaching the next aid station…so I had already in my mind decided to keep going. At the next Aid Station (Cozy Dell @ 30.2m)
          > I had a whole set of dry clothing and a jacket…but still not the one that I REALLY needed - my Gore-Tex.
          > I would be soaked through again in minutes if this rain/sleet/snow kept up.
          > At Gridley Top AS Kim is waiting for me. She had decided to call it a day. It didn't take much (if any) prodding to make me decide the same.
          > Hypothermia being our main concern of the evening. Been there – done that!
          > Sure, I was feeling good and my body wasn't cold…only my hands, but if I slowed and couldn't keep my temperature up it was going to be BAD.
          > We opt to head down the trail to Gridley Bottom (~ 6 miles from Gridley Top) as our bail out and hopefully find a ride back to the start/finish.
          > Once we started our descent it stopped raining and in my head I was double guessing myself, but I made up my mind. There was no turning back.
          > Gridley Bottom was very welcoming. We were both hungry by this point and had the best burrito in town! Lol
          > We hitched a ride with Dennis (of the Mink Coat fame) in his little Ford Focus with three other runners. These three were from Hawaii…I though we had it bad with the weather coming from Houston!?
          > Well, we swore to go back next year and get our revenge. Kimalicous and Shmoopy will be back in 2011!
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