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Re: [h_t_rex] Oil Creek 100 Trail *Runs* - NW PA - 50K, 50 & 100 mile trail races

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  • Hardy Lee
    I am thinking about checking this race out. Pennsylvania in October will be gorgeous. Sent from my iPhone
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 5, 2009
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      I am thinking about checking this race out. Pennsylvania in October will be gorgeous. 

      Sent from my iPhone

      On Jun 5, 2009, at 3:22 PM, "rd_oc100" <erie_tomj@...> wrote:

      A quick status update:

      ** We already have 68 runners registered with over 4 months to go - registration is moving along quickly

      ** To status the entrants:
      1) click on the runrace.net icon at the top of each page of our race website - oc100.org / OilCreek100. org

      2) scroll down to the bottom and click on the magnifying glass next to each distance to see the name, city / state, age and gender of the participants

      ** The first price increase is coming up soon

      ** EMS work is many months into the planning process. We will have a helicopter standing by in Oil Creek State Park, an ambulance on stand-by, an EMS person will be at each of the 4 staffed aid stations to assist with medical issues (hopefully limited to cuts and scrapes), a rope rescue team, ATV's for helping to transport injured runners / pacers, etc.

      ** An ad for the race is in the current issue of UltraRunning magazine and mentioned in the East vs West trail ultras story at the end of the magazine. An ad will also be in the July / Aug issue of TrailRunner magazine (reaches 60 - 70,000 trail runners each issue) which will be shipped at the end of this month (June).

      ** There will be 4 unstaffed water-only aid stations at approx. midway points between the staffed aid stations so water will be available every 3 to 4 miles.

      ** Tents can be pitched (free) in the lawn next to the middle school and just across the street from aid station # 4 that the 50 & 100 mile participants will use. The 50K folks will finish at the middle school / race HQ so they won't be using aid station # 4 during the race. So if you are a 50 or 100 mile participant and want to use your tent as your own personal aid station feel free to do so (but you still must check in at AS #4 for statusing / safety purposes).

      ** We also have free gymnasium floor space to sleep on Friday night before the race.

      ** Showers are available (for yourself, pacers, crew) at the middle school for the nominal fee of just $5 each to cover the school custodial staff all weekend long. The showers have 4 or 5 individual private shower stalls as well as a larger group shower area. This school was built in 1999 so it is very modern and nice. 50 lockers are available in both the men's and women's locker rooms for keeping your post-race belongings in.

      ** 50 milers can now have a pacer they last 19ish mile loop

      ** This race is very crew / family friendly with the race HQ being at the modern Titusville Middle School. They can relax in the cafeteria while you try to overcome the rugged Gerard hiking trail. Your crew can reach the other crew-accessible aid station # 2 at Petroleum Center, PA (the park office) via paved roads. No dirt roads for your family or crew to get lost on.

      I hope to see you in October.

      Tom Jennings, Race Director
      Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs - OilCreek100. org / oc100.org
      "Unforgiving. Historic. Gnarly. Do you have what it takes?"
      50K, 50 & 100 mile trail races
      RRCA's 50 & 100 mile PA Trail Championships
      Titusville PA - the birthplace of the oil industry in 1859

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