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RE: [h_t_rex] The voice of reason re SM 50 Miler

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  • Kathryn Vidal
    Julie, if Plan A for 50 miles at Sunmart does not work out for you, I ll be glad to have the company at the RR 50 miler with you in February! Regardless of
    Message 1 of 39 , Nov 7, 2008
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      Julie, if Plan A for 50 miles at Sunmart does not work out for you, I'll be glad to have the company at the RR 50 miler with you in February!   Regardless of the race you choose, just remember that I can do it in less than 12 hours, then you certainly can! 
      See everybody soon.  Have a great run tomorrow.  I'll just be handing out goodies at aid station #3 (or whatever they call it), so if you have any special requests, speak now or forever hold your peace!

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      Subject: RE: [h_t_rex] The voice of reason re SM 50 Miler

      Party Poopers. :)
      But you've both got good points.  I don't think I can make that 3rd loop cut-off, but do I need another blanket? LOL
      Ultimately, the 25k Beer Run Miles is proposing this Saturday sure sounds like the way to go...
      I saw someone running the Houston Half last week with one of those 24-bottle Fuel Belts. Unless it's beer in there, I don't get it....
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      Yes, but the training and the race led to an injury which led to 6 weeks on the shelf which led to getting disgustingly out of shape. 
      But I agree with Michelle 100% - RR50 is a much better goal for all sorts of reasons.  First, it gives you more time to train - you could do the 25K this weekend (and then drink beer with me at the end), 50K at Sunmart, and 50M at RR.  Second, 3 15.5 mile loops (and one short mini-loop at the start) is way better than 4 12.5 mile loops.  Third, you have 29 hours to finish.  Forget walking, you could slither on your belly the entire way, stop for naps every other hour, and still make the cut off.  Fourth, IMHO RR is infinitely better managed and staffed than Sunmart.  That doesn't make a huge difference in a 50K, but in a 50 miler, it matters.  Finally (and this is a real selling point), you'll be running with a lot fewer Fitters with 24-bottle fuel belts. 
      Just my two cents. 

      On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 3:46 PM, Michelle <mwolpert2002@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      Miles, you trained all summer for a 100 miler in August, so you are
      not "woefully undertrained" . Stop sandbagging.

      And Julie, I would advise you do Sunmart 50K, then a couple of long
      back-to-back weekends in December and January, and then try the 50
      miler at RR in February. Why beat yourself up and risk a DNF because
      you are not prepared for Sunmart 50 miles?

      Just my 2 cents. OK all you overly optimistic HTREXs: start blasting
      my plan now...I can take it. :-)


      --- In h_t_rex@yahoogroups .com, "HM Klaff" <hmklaff@...> wrote:
      > I'm planning on giving Sunmart 50 mile a go and I'm going to be
      > undertrained, so I'm sure you can do it. Plan a good walk/run
      ratio, don't
      > waste time at the aid stations or the start/finish and you'll be
      able to
      > make the cutoff. Once you've done that, you've got 4 hours to do
      12.5 miles
      > - you can basically walk the entire last loop and make it!
      > On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 2:40 PM, Julie Garcia <julestx96@.. .>wrote:
      > > If all goes well on Saturday, I'd like to attempt Sunmart 50M.
      I'm not
      > > sure about the 3rd loop cut-off, but I'd sure like to try!
      > >
      > >
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      > >
      > > You won't be last Julie. Even without me there. Good
      > > luck!!! Will you be at Sun Mart? Maybe I will see you
      > > there.
      > >
      > > Lynnor Matheney
      > > The Woodlands
      > >
      > > --- Julie Garcia <julestx96@.. . <julestx96%40sbcglobal. net>>
      > > wrote:
      > >
      > > > Yes. Come watch me try to do 50k with a longest run
      > > > of 13 miles 2 weeks ago.
      > > > Should be fun watching me coming in dead-a** last.
      > > > :)
      > > >
      > >
      > >
      > >

    • Michelle
      Hey Julie, sorry you had a bad race, but glad to hear that you ll be doing the SM 50K and not 50 Mile. Despite the great conditions, I never felt really
      Message 39 of 39 , Nov 10, 2008
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        Hey Julie, sorry you had a bad race, but glad to hear that you'll be
        doing the SM 50K and not 50 Mile.

        Despite the great conditions, I never felt really good...no first,
        second, third...or any winds. Oh well, just an off day I guess.
        Maybe I needed another week to recover from Palo Duro. Who knows.


        --- In h_t_rex@yahoogroups.com, "Julie Garcia" <julestx96@...> wrote:
        > Well that sucked.
        > But I did manage to shave 40 mins off of my PR, so I'll take it.
        Plus I
        > didn't fall or have any GI issues. I guess I have nothing to
        complain about!
        > Thank you to all who volunteered and/or cheered me on.
        > I'm thinking I'll just stick with SM 50k tho...
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