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8542Re: [h_t_rex] Heel Strike or Toe Strike?

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  • Daniel Marquez
    Oct 17, 2013
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      Thanks Eric for posting

      After suffering a one year off season (from 45 miles a week to not being able to jog 100 meters) as a result of a knee injury i was compelled to do a lot of research.  I found that for me, heel striking significantly contributed to my issues and although that may have been the root of the problem - it was exacerbated by running on asphalt and overall tightness in my quad.  It's been a journey to get back to where i was but what works for me is foam rolling, hard self-massaging of the tendons around the knee cap, and liquid glucosamine.  

      when i was able to run again, i knew my form had to change so eventually i worked my way into completely barefoot running (starting with 1-2 miles).  I eventually worked my way up to 15 miles but that took all season and i should be clear that like the article states, it's just as easy to get lower leg strains.  

      In summary heel striking didn't work, toe striking didn't work, but midfoot striking has worked thus far.  I now where shoes but because of logging hundreds of miles barefoot, i know how my foot should feel when landing properly.  I use minimalist Merrels for anything less than 10 miles to build lower leg strength and to retain midfoot striking "memory", but i use thicker new balances (which shorten calf contractions) for long runs because i am susceptible to calf strains after about 20 miles.

      This is my experience and not a bash on anyone's style.  I would have never put in the effort to do all this if i had not been sitting on the sidelines for a year.  

      If anyone has any specific questions i would be glad to discuss one on one so as not to flood the group email.


      On Wednesday, October 16, 2013 3:01 PM, Eric Henao <erichenao@...> wrote:
      new study…maybe flawed, so just read for the info…


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