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33Run LST on Oct. 8 = 30, 20, and 15 mile options (++)

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  • Michelle
    Oct 2, 2006
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      This email is from Hank Kastner; he and I are organizing the runs
      this Sunday (me 30 miles, Hank 20 & 15 miles). I will be running the
      30 miles, and then hanging out for a bit at HSP afterwards; I expect
      to finish in about 6 hours, so ETA for return to Houston is probably
      4 pm give or take 1/2 an hour. If you want a ride up to the
      trailhead with me, and you plan to do the 30 mile option and hang out
      at HSP afterwards, please email me. If you want to do the 15/20 mile
      option, and want to do a "reply to all" to Hank's distribution list
      (i.e. to look for a ride up there), email me as well and I can send
      you Hank's email with the original distribution list.

      It's time to run the Lone Star Trail again! PLEASE RSVP and choose
      your distance so we can include you. Newbies WILL be accomodated as
      long as you RSVP. Arrange your own car pool - reply to all if you
      want to troll for one.

      Sunday, Oct. 8, 7am SHARP
      All runs will END at Hunstville State Park, so we can dawdle with
      beer & food, and soak in the lake. Plan on making a day of it.

      What to bring: hydration to carry, supplies for your aid drops, food
      & beverages for the picnic, towel for a shower. If you want to grill
      meat, RSVP NOW. If there is interest, we'll fire up a grill.

      All runners should MEET at HSP at the LST trail head on the IH-45
      access road, just north of the state park entrance. (exit for the
      SP, turn left across IH-45, then right on the access road)
      ** 30 milers (Michelle) will start immediately, for a round trip via

      15 (Doug) & 20 (Hank) milers will organize vehicles and collect
      supplies to make the 2 aid drops for all runners at Bath Rd. and
      Stubblefield, and get to the starts. 15 milers will start at
      Stubblefield and 20 milers at FM 1375. And we'll leave cars at the
      SP for the finish - all cars entering the SP must pay the entrance

      If you don't know the way we'll help you - BUT YOU MUST PRINT THE
      MAPS and read them:
      Kelly section (20 milers only) -
      Stubblefield - Bath - http://www.lshtclub.com/StblfldN2.pdf
      Huntsville - http://www.lshtclub.com/Hntsvlle2.pdf

      Trickie parts: Kelly section, Bath road and the damn dam at Elkins
      Lake - if you don't know, ask!

      For those of us who run thru HSP all the way to the lake, note this
      will add several miles!

      This is a good one........

      Mobile phone to find us: 832.466.6877
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