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Re: GJG Members Newsletter question for all

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  • stilljustjack
    Norm, I love that Beau Hunks album! You re the first guy in years I ve heard even mention it...it s an absolute joy. And Moreno, well, of course. Swing a
    Message 1 of 16 , Apr 30, 2006

      I love that Beau Hunks album! You're the first guy in years I've
      heard even mention it...it's an absolute joy. And Moreno, well, of
      course. Swing a Bellevue has become a major part of our set lately,
      and I'm always stealing intros from him.

      --- In gypsyjazzguitar@yahoogroups.com, "Norman Plankey"
      <plankity@...> wrote:
      >> Back on topic: I've been listening to The Beau Hunks Orchestra "Little
      > Rascals Vol I" at work (amazing project!)
      > And I'm always listening to Moreno's 'Le fils du vent', no matter where
      > I am: my major fave!!!

      I'm going to try to upload a pic to the photos section of Joscho
      playing a guitar of mine down at the CAAS-if anyone's interested, it's
      for sale and comes with Joscho's seal of approval. The guy that built
      it is a huge Chet fan as well so he's always down there and jamming
      and schmoozing with Romane.


      > --- In gypsyjazzguitar@yahoogroups.com, "Greg Casey" <greg_casey@>
      > wrote [about the live Joscho recording]:
      > >
      > > Rick,
      > >
      > > Joscho has begun to appear each year at the Chet Atkins
      Appreciation Society gathering that happens each July in Nashville. I
      picked it up there. Also over the last 10 years, I've able to see
      Romane three times as well as Richard Smith and John Jorgenson in jams
      with Joscho, Romane and others.
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