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GAEA October Newsletter

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  • Michael Fraser
    GAEA October Newsletter Time Saving Software Solutions www.gaea.ca 905-725-4487 sales@gaea.ca October 2002 News Did You Know??? This Months Featured Product
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      GAEA October Newsletter "Time Saving Software Solutions"

      October 2002 News

      Did You Know???
      This Months Featured Product Latest Software Upgrades

      WinLoG can export finished full color logs into Microsoft Word.
      Most of our clients print their logs and manually insert them into their
      report. WinLoG gives you the ability to email reports to clients and
      colleagues. No additional programs are needed to view the WinLoG logs.


      Pocket WinLoG is used in conjunction with WinLoG. Macros,
      symbols and templates created in WinLoG can be used in the Pocket program.
      To download a pre-designed company template to your Pocket PC follow the


      WinFence shares the same database as WinLoG. Borehole data
      created in WinLoG can be plotted, opened and edited in WinFence. The
      programs work together to ensure a seamless exchange of information.


      WinSieve - In addition to plotting the grain size analysis test
      results, soil and aggregate specifications can also be shown on the chart.
      These specifications are typically provided by the department of
      transportation, design engineer, ASTM, etc.

      WinFence has become a primary product that most companies can’t live
      without. It’s fast, easy to learn, and flexible. It will create detailed
      full color cross-section with the click of a mouse.

      WinFence has been on the market for over 3 years. It has evolved
      into a company requirement. Having the ability to draw the cross-section and
      customize it accordingly is the most important feature a program like this
      can offer...


      The Latest at GAEA
      GAEA has reached a new level of success. The first three
      quarters of 2002 have exceeded all expectations. Products like Pocket WinLoG
      and WinLoG v3 have helped us achieve a 35% sales increase. Aggressive
      internet advertising, an increase in sales staff, improved support and our
      new electronic newsletter have been contributing factors...


      Tech Reports

      Want to know what’s happening in the industry! Check out our
      detailed research reports written by a number of different research
      a.. Recent Advances in Modelling of Contaminant Impact Due to
      Written by R.K. Rowe and J.R. Booker

      b.. Leachate Characteristics for MSW Landfills
      Written by R.K. Rowe

      c.. Theoretical Solutions for Calculating Leakage Through
      Composite Liner Systems
      Written by R.K. Rowe and J.R. Booker


      Questions & Answers

      We have assembled a list of frequently asked questions. Each
      newsletter a technical specialist will answer the top three. This month’s
      top three questions are:
      1.. What are memo fields for and how do I create them in
      2.. How do I create a cross-section in WinFence?
      3.. How do I create a new symbol library in WinLoG?
      Do you have a question you want answered?
      Click here......

      Are you using the latest version?

      GAEA often releases new versions of your favorite programs. Our
      mission is to improve the performance of our products through innovative,
      advanced technology. We want you to have customizable, easy to learn
      software that allows you to do what you do best!

      To download the latest versions click here....


      We'd Like Your Comments and Suggestions

      GAEA strives to produce user friendly, technically advanced
      software. Software that incorporates customer comments & suggestions.

      We rely on you to help us improve our products.

      To give us your input Click here...


      Send to a Colleague

      Give the gift of knowledge. Send this newsletter to someone who
      may benefit from its information. Email us their address and we will forward
      a copy to them.




      Looking for something? Feel free to search our previous issues.
      a.. October 2002

      b.. May 2002

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