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  • geo_man2006
    Registration is now open and you are invited to an intensive (4-day) and practical continuing-education course: IMPROVING HYDROGEOLOGIC ANALYSIS OF FRACTURED
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2009
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      Registration is now open and you are invited to an intensive (4-day)
      and practical continuing-education course:

      Field Trip to the Nevada Test Site and Yucca Mountain; and a Second
      Field Trip to the Lake Mead Fresh Water Intake No. 3 Project

      This course is FOUR DAYS with an additional (optional) FIFTH DAY
      Field Trip to Lake Mead Fresh Water Intake No.3 Project Site.

      University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)
      With two field trips

      March 24-27, 2009 (Tuesday – Friday)
      (Second field trip on Saturday March 28)

      CEUs by UNLV; 32 Contact Hours (3.2 CEUs)
      Pre-Approved for MA LSP, CT LEP, DE PG, SC PG, IA CGWP (and more
      listed on-line)

      Attendees will gain an advantage learning to significantly improve
      their hydrogeologic analysis of fractured bedrock, including
      carbonate, crystalline, and metamorphic rocks.

      Photo gallery from past courses: http://www.midwestgeo.com

      • Learn practical field techniques for characterizing fracture
      networks and ground water movement
      • Understand rock discontinuities and the nature of fracture
      flow applied to environmental projects
      • Practice rock core logging for hydrogeologic projects
      • Integrate rock stratigraphy into conceptual models and
      appropriate ground water models
      • Learn to develop and integrate dual porosity and discrete
      fracture conceptual models
      • Discover recent advances of surface and borehole geophysics,
      including dynamic flowmeter test
      • Find out how to design and execute tracer tests, single well
      and packer tests and pumping tests
      • Practice preparing potentiometric surface and water table
      maps using modern principles
      • Recognize the do's and don'ts of ground water flow and
      transport modeling of fractured systems
      • Know which LNAPL and DNAPL recovery processes work and which
      ones' don't
      • Understand contaminant transport and compare various
      remediation systems in bedrock

      • Maureen Muldoon, PhD, PG; University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
      • Kenneth Bradbury, PhD, PG; Wisconsin Geological and Natural
      History Survey
      • Glenn Duffield, President of HydroSOLVE, Inc.
      • Chris Mulry, PG, GES, Inc.
      • Dan Kelleher, PG, Midwest GeoSciences Group

      Register Now: $1,395.00

      U.S. Department of Energy requires that attendees for the Field Trip
      register before March 10, 2009 to obtain Federal approval before
      entering the Nevada Test Site.

      Register online at http://www.midwestgeo.com
      Register by phone: 763.607.0092

      Questions: call 763.607.0092


      "This is a highly practical course for geologists and engineers who
      practice in fractured rock terrain. I attended this course prior to
      beginning a large investigation at a site situated in a complex
      fractured rock setting. The course was an invaluable aid in planning
      the design of the components of the intrusive investigation and
      analysis of the field data. As a practicing geologist the courses I
      attend must supply information that is practical, yet cutting edge,
      and must have high utility in my day to day work. If you are planning
      an investigation or are involved in a site with complex ground water
      flow problems, this is the most up to date and functional course that
      I have attended in years."
      - S.C. Blauvelt, P.G., Vice President & Director of Regional
      Operations, Penn E&R, Inc.

      "This was an excellent course with highly qualified instructors, up
      to date course material on fractured rock hydrogeology, and an
      outstanding field trip inside Yucca Mountain at the Nevada Test Site.
      I highly recommend (this course) to geologists, environmental
      scientists, and engineers."
      -Scott Shelton, City of Boston

      "Excellent course to learn fracture flow coupled with new concepts of
      contaminant and fluid flow in fractured media. Not only does the
      course explain porosity & permeability of fractured settings, but it
      presents useful modeling approaches for fractured scenarios too. The
      instructors are terrific and highly knowledgeable in their field of
      study. The field trip to Yucca Mountain was the highlight of the
      course. I would recommend this course to anyone working with
      groundwater, ranging from contaminant assessments to water supply."
      -Christine Bucklin, California Department of Toxic Substances Control

      "A fantastic mix of knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors, up-to-
      date and expansive course materials, and one spectacular field trip
      made this by far the best course I have attended."
      -Kathleen T. Soukup, Weston Solutions, Inc

      "The course was excellent because of the combined classroom material
      and core logging - I can apply the course material immediately."
      -Jami Poor, Kerr-McGee Corporation

      "The course instructors had the right mix of theoretical expertise,
      practical experience, and especially enthusiasm. Also, the
      interaction among the attendees was excellent and an unexpected
      benefit of this course. It was well balanced and in-depth educational
      experience that was well worth my time and expense. It validated
      some of my own applications of fractured rock theory to LNAPLs, and
      gave me a better understanding with new tools to move forward in this
      area of hydrogeology."
      -Don Lundy, ESNT, Inc.

      Dan Kelleher, PG
      Midwest GeoSciences Group
      6771 County Road 8 SW
      Waverly, Minnesota 55390 USA
      Phone: 763.607.0092
      Fax: 763.658.1539


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