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Re: Help running MODPATH from command line.

Hi Simon, I often run MODPATH from DOS command line with steady state models, mpath3_v3.exe works.   Beiyan Zhang PhDMatrix Solutions Inc519 772 3777
Beiyan Zhang
May 1

Help running MODPATH from command line.

I have a transient MODFLOW2005-NWT simulation and I want to do particle tracking. I have specified Sy, Ss, Porosity for my model. I have generated a CBB flow
Apr 30

Question about MODPATH on transient MODFLOW solution

So, if I run MODPATH on flow data from a transient MODFLOW simulation, what happens when the particle gets to the last time step, but is still inside the model
Apr 30

Recent interests and challenges in the hydrogeologic research

I am looking for statistics/information/literature of the top research topics in hydrogeology worldwide, I need to know what are the topics that scientists
Ayman Ahmed
Apr 24

ModelMuse and GW_Chart Updated

Earlier today the USGS released updated versions of ModelMuse and GW_Chart. http://water.usgs.gov/nrp/gwsoftware/ModelMuse/ModelMuse.html
Richard B. Winston
Apr 13

Re: rotating model grid at an angle

Theoretically the principal directions of anisotropy must get aligned with the grid's orientation but practically it is really hard to enforce so you should
Amir Niazi
Apr 11

rotating model grid at an angle

Hi all, Does rotating model grid at angle effects field measured properties that will be assigned to model. Do we need to transform them before assigning to
high low
Apr 10

New book on "Groundwater Assessment and Modelling"

New book on "Groundwater Assessment and Modelling" Paperback: 332 pagesPublisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 31, 2015)Language:
C. P. Kumar
Apr 4

Improvement of hydrogeological education in arid and semi-arid regio

Dear colleagues I am looking for ideas on improving and developing the hydrogeological education and research in arid and semi-arid regions. Any suggestions
Ayman Ahmed
Mar 1

New version of ModelMuse released

The USGS released an updated version of ModelMuse today (http://water.usgs.gov/nrp/gwsoftware/ModelMuse/ModelMuse.html). The most notable enhancements in this
Richard B. Winston
Feb 27

Re: Pest

PROBLEM SOLVED! In my case pestgv.bat was failing (and so not writing targpest.out) because aniso_makr couldn't open the files a2._kz and a3._kz. The reason
Feb 26

Re: Simulation upward leakage

I see that Schlumberger tech support will not answer your question, so I will try to assist. In your situation you have 2 choices if you are not modeling the
James Rumbaugh
Feb 23

Simulation upward leakage

I'm beginner in Groundwater Modeling and i'm working now with VISUAL MODFLOW . I'd like to know how can i simulate upward leakage from underlying formations
Feb 21

Re: Groundwater Vistas 6: How to set variogram sill for kriging pilo

And my comment made the list in less than an hour. I think this list does a good job of posting comments and questions very quickly. ...
James Rumbaugh
Feb 20

Re: Groundwater Vistas 6: How to set variogram sill for kriging pilo

Yes, you are correct. See the PEST manual (gwutil_b.pdf) for the utility PPK2FAC. Jim Rumbaugh ...
James Rumbaugh
Feb 20
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