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Trilogy Bookstore...A Spiritual Awakening

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  • Silver Hawk
    Hello everyone! I don t post much on here but I do lurk about. I wanted to share some info with everyone here about a new shop I found that is close to us on
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2011

      Hello everyone!  I don't post much on here but I do lurk about.  I wanted to share some info with everyone here about a new shop I found that is close to us on this side of town.

      I get excited when I discover a new metaphysical store.  I can feel the energy the moment I walk in the door.  As the scent of the incense of the day permeates my nostrils, I get the warm feeling of being "home".  Not all spiritual stores give me that rush.  Some are just a shop that sells things we Pagans like to buy such as jewelry, books, stones or other "tricks of the trade" we love.  Some are tiny little shops that cater to those that come for readings and the like.  In all my travels to these type shops all over Georgia, as well as other states, I have never seen one that specializes in children activities, or workshops and the like for teen witchesÂ…until now.

      For some unknown reason to me, there are few shops in the DeKalb county area or on the east side at all.  Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Trilogy.  I spent two wonderful hours browsing their beautiful shop and getting to know the owners, Valentin and Sean Tonkin.  The shop is located in Avondale Estates in the old downtown area.  Valentin specializes in teen witch education as well as a book club just for them.  They hold children's story time every Saturday at 1:00 pm.  I can't even begin to explain the warmth and welcome I received while there!

      The next time you are on the east side and want to spend a lovely afternoon shopping or experience all things metaphysical, please consider your time well spent at this new shop. You can find them online as well at www.trilogybookstore.com.

      With Bright Blessings in all you seek!


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