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Cathy Aquart's Responding to Campbell of Grenada and Guyana?

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  • Sancho of Nabaclis
    Perhaps you will be enlightened by the response Cathy Aquart gave to my enquire pertaining to connecting Campbell of Grenada to Campbell of Guyana. It is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      Perhaps you will be enlightened by the response Cathy Aquart gave to my  enquire pertaining to  connecting   Campbell of Grenada to Campbell of  Guyana. It is thus my hope I am hereby facilitating  improvements to  your pursuit  in the attempt of getting to the bottom of your family history.
      Hi There,

      I believe there are 2 ways to borrow microfilms from the Mormons.

      One way is to check your phone book for the closest Family History Center or go on-line to www.familysearch.org (The Mormon site) to find the closest one. Check the center's opening hours and then drop in to fill out a request form. In Canada we pay $6.75 per film - don't know what you will pay in the US . We usually wait 4-6 weeks for a film, but it may be shorter in the US .

      The other way is to go through your local library if they offer this service. These records are not digitized, so you have to look at the microfilm (very boring and tedious, but necessary). You will still have to pay through the local library, but I believe it's a bit cheaper. You will need a film reader, so if your library doesn't have these, then better to stick with the Mormons.

      If you are not familiar with what the Mormons have, have a close look at their site above. Follow the links to the family history library (which is in Salt Lake City ). They have records from all over the world. For Grenada records, once at the library site, do a place search. Once you have the listings for Grenada , you will see that there are church records, civil registration records, probate and land records. At the top of the page, there will also be a button that says related places, which will take you to the individual parishes. Generally, it's a good idea to order the index for the film you want to look at, but for the one I mentioned to you, the index seems to be built in. At the beginning of each section (with the exception of the first), there is an index by surname, which says the name, type of document and page number.

      Hope this helps. Just had a quick look and they also have some records for Guyana . Don't know how good those are.


      Film no. 1563330 Grenada Supreme Court Probate Records 1837-1881

      Researching the Aquart family: Martinique , St. Lucia , Grenada , Jamaica .

      M'lilwana Osanku - Sancho of Nabaclis.
      Researching - Sancho, Campbell, Young (Younge), Solomon, Ross & Martin - Families of Guyana and the History of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District, East Sea Coast Demerara, Guyana. 
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