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[Guyana Genealogical and Biographical Society] Death and Obituary of Mr. Patrick Cameron (88)

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  • M'lilwana
    Obituary Mr. Patrick Cameron (88) After a brief illness, Mr. Patrick Cameron, Master Carpenter, and one of the oldest residents of the village, died on
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      Obituary Mr. Patrick Cameron (88)
      After a brief illness, Mr. Patrick Cameron, Master Carpenter, and one of the oldest residents of the village, died on Wednesday, July 22, at the age of 88 years, at his residence, at Hopetown, West Coast, Berbice.
      Pa Cameron as he was familiarly called was always of a very genial temperament. On leaving school, he was apprenticed to the late Mr. Henry Whyte, then a prominent carpenter in New Amsterdam. His progress was so marked that he soon won the affection and confidence of his boss. He was particularly neat and painstaking and soon eclipsed the other boys before him and was sent off on his own. He returned home and won success.

      His Success
      Mr. Ross, another prominent carpenter in his day, was on a big job at Pln. Bath, Young Cameron was taken on. He caught the eyes of the manager. At the completion of the job he became the estate carpenter and continued this charge for more than thirty years until the dismantling of the estate. He was out and about until recently when he took his bed and passed off quietly.
      He is survived by his wife who is seven years younger, his sons, Dr. H. Whyte Cameron, D.D.S., (named after his boss), Dental Surgeon of Georgetown, PC3311, Norman Cameron, his daughters, Misses Janet, and Emma Cameron, and Mesdames Victoria Thompson, wife of Sgt. Major Thompson of Sparendaam Police Station and Sarah Winfield, 24 grandchildren and 8 great grand children.
      The funeral which took place his residence in the afternoon was largely attended. Rev. M. E. Turpin, Rector of St. Michael’s, performed the last rites at the church and at the graveside.
      The Pall-bearers were Messrs, C. L. A. Josephs (Dispenser, Pln. Bath), L. B. Obermuller, J.W. Henry, Frederick Walters, Simon McPherson, and Sergeant Johnson. Others in attendance were Rev. D. G. Munroe, Dr. H. Whyte Cameron, D.D.S., Messrs, Norman Cameron, J. N. Liverpool, T. T. Thompson, W. Sullivan, A. A. Chesney, Robert Hamilton, P. Wade, W. C. Joseph, O. H. F. Lugard, W. E. Johnson, D. Sol. Ferguson, G. L. A. Joseph, R. S. Johnson, E. O. Prass, Jas. Gocool, E. J. Baird, E. Hamilton, E. Isaacs, Wm. Rigby, D. G. Bair, Chas. Hotang, J. W. Henry, Sam Chase, J. A. Thompson, J. H. Thompson, Sergeant Johnson, PC Carter, Frederick, Walters, L. Thompson, London Joseph, Simon McPherson, Chas. L. James, Josephus Thompson, J. Mars, C. C. Bristol, T. P. Jaundoo, Fitz Joseph, A. Joseph, K. Grey, A. A. Johnson, Wm. O’Brien, David Blair, J. Bruce, A. Wade, D. Reddock, H. McKenzie, F. Robertson, A. T. Johnson, S. Bowman, Jas. George, E. McPherson, Barrington, Thos. Bowman, R.O. Thompson and many others.

      Source: The Daily Chronicle, Wednesday, August 5, 1931: page 2

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