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Re: [guyanese_genealogy] Why are Holdings of Research Institutions in Guyana Unavailable Online ?

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  • Jon - Budmart.co.uk
    Hello Rudy and Sancho The Archives dilemma in Guyana is a major nuisance that does nothing but hinder Genealogists. It is true that other Archives in the
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 16, 2006
      Hello Rudy and Sancho
      The Archives dilemma in Guyana is a major nuisance that does nothing but hinder Genealogists.
      It is true that other Archives in the Region have fared better, Suriname have a lot of their Records Online, Jamaica has a fair bit Online too and Trinidad has a decent enough Website.
      Guyana doesn't have a Website, has a E-Mail Address that they never respond to and at the moment no permanent home for the Archives.
      Currently a new Building is being constructed but in Guyana's uncertain future we do not know when it will be completed, in addition many of the Records are in a bad way due to Climatic conditions, flood damage, lack of preservation and mismanagement.
      I have also heard of Staff looking backhanders and of people helping themselves to the Documents so it's surprising with such chaos that any Documents actually remain, the service provided is totally unproffessional.
      There has been previous dialogue regarding the Electronic transcription of Records between interested Groups and the Government but the Government has pulled it's funding or backing as it did not see the Archives as being a major Project of importance.
      There are still Groups who are prepared to continue with the transcription work funded by Private benefactors but they are still to get permission from the Government who are not keen on the idea.
      One Major Project on the "back burner" is the Indentured Database Project which was to record the details of all the Indentured Servants from India, China, Madeira and elsewhere.
      There are plenty of Volunteers just no permission !
      Guyana has off course been unsafe for the last few years so many in North America or England have been put off visiting otherwise we would have even more Volunteers.

      Rudolph Jaeranny <jrjtechcorp@...> wrote:
      Maybe the palm needs greasing! Personally I was strip search by a young kid in customs trying to get my $45.00 (US) in exchange for a little gold necklace. Also my brother's death certificate was sitting on her desk 'right there' and still instead of getting it at 10.30am I waited until about 2.00pm.
      It almost like a culture, pay for government (free) service if you need anything from the employees in charge. What a shame.
      Do the Government and the powers be have the necessary resources to do this task? I don't know I lived here in Canada already 33 years and a bit. I love to visit like a multitude of us, but too scared of getting killed and or rob, not necessarily in that order. Do you need the whole library or just a tiny applicable portion. Maybe they can start slowly specifically on the stuff that is urgently needed.
      rudy J

      Sheree Trotman <sedt2@...> wrote:

      Sancho of Nabaclis <childrenofsancho@...> wrote:
      Why aren’t the catalogues of the research institutions in Guyana available to truth seekers, online, at this late date?
      It is a crying shame. I am positive, a very poor reflection on the PPP and their policy on education in Guyana. The holdings of the libraries at Mona, St. Augustine, and Cave Hill, campus of the University of the West Indies, and the national library of Trinidad and Tobago are available online. Why not afford researchers the ability to access online holdings of the John Campbell Museum, the national Library of Guyana, the Caribbean Research center, the Library of the University of Guyana, and the national Archives?
      Why must Guyana always be followers and not leaders in all phases of life in this modern era?
      in recent years while, I arrived at the understanding the knowledge of one’s past it is more readily accessible, here the USA, than in Guyana. The only major missing pieces are the oral sources. Most are in Guyana. The majority will never be accessed for they are resting in peace. However, limiting researching to the USA does afford a complete image of the topic. I have the understanding of what Edward Scobie was hammering into my thinking.
      However, researchers in the field of Guyanese Humanities and Social Science need to be enlightened of the holdings in the research facilities in Guyana, before embarking on a journey to Guyana for such purposes. I am aware there are numerous materials available to researchers in the USA but however the print media are scattered in several institutions in USA, Canada, and the UK. Therefore, accessing the materials is not an overnight thing. Certainly one has to be cognizant of the exact location of the data - for the archivists are particularly neither courteous nor helpful - regardless of the flowing words professors write about their assistance. I suspect the professors greased their palms, handsomely.

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