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Re: [guyanese_genealogy] An Invitation to All Guyanese People

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  • Sancho of Nabaclis
    I choose to remove your membership of this forum. However, you can continue to participate on the others. I am sure you were asked on several occassions to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2006
      I choose to remove your membership of this forum. However, you can continue to participate on the others. I am sure you were asked on several occassions to resist the temptation to post poltical literature on this forum.
      I did what I had to do -  I am afraid that is what was necessary at this juncture. I am positive many of us will access your information. Thus there was no need to post same here.

      jebratt <jonathanbratt@...> wrote:
      An Invitation to All Guyanese People
      One People, One Nation, One Destiny

      We invite all Guyanese to visit and participate in shaping the future
      of Guyana together.

      The Mittelholzer Foundation (http://www.mittelho lzer.org/ forum/) is an
      online forum designed to bring all Guyanese together. We want to
      facilitate discussions on how we can move forward from blaming
      different ethnicities and political parties for the current states of
      affairs to building a united nation, filled with promise and equal

      It is through an examination of our cultural and literary history that
      we become aware of the pain and suffering of our ancestors as they
      fought for freedom and Independence.

      It is under the spirit of Guyana's greatest novelist that we, members
      of the Mittelholzer family, have organized this internet site for all
      Guyanese to participate. We offer a full range of free services
      designed to market and promote all aspects of Guyanese culture. It our
      most fervent hope and prayer that each of you will visit our site and
      utilize our services such as a public forum and chat room to come
      together and create a better future for Guyana.

      Edgar Mittelholzer (1909-1965) remains a national symbol of Guyana,
      writing not as one ethnicity or another, but rather as a "Guyanese"
      whose social consciousness compelled him to critique the injustices
      prevalent within society. It is our belief at the Mittelholzer
      Foundation, (http://www.mittelho lzer.org/ forum/) non-partisan and
      civic organization that there is no greater injustice today than the
      one we are doing to ourselves by harboring the hatred we feel towards
      one another simply because of one's ethnicity or social standing.

      Our first project will be to facilitate a discussion between the heads
      of each Political Party. We have already extended an invitation to all
      political leaders to clearly state their various ideologies or
      political stances on issues.

      We encourage you to submit your questions and concerns to the various
      leaders/parties via our website including rampant crime, poverty,
      handicapped kids, safer streets, drug/crime prevention, better sports
      facilities, reliable electricity

      Our second project will be to republish the literary works of Guyana's
      greatest novelist and one of the most important literary figures of
      Caribbean literature Edgar Mittelholzer because we believe that while
      there are many differences that may exist between Guyanese, our
      culture is something that should be a unifying force and that it
      should also make us proud of who we are. Mittelholzer' s Guyanese and
      Caribbean novels were published over a period of nineteen years, from
      Corentyne Thunder (1941) to Eltonsbrody (1960).

      We look forward to participating with you in Guyana's future.

      The Mittelholzer Foundation
      (http://www.mittelho lzer.org/ forum/)

      Eternal Blessings, Love, Peace, Power & Unity
      M'lilwana Osanku - Sancho of Nabaclis.
      Researching - Sancho, Campbell, Young (Younge), Solomon, Ross & Martin - Families of Guyana.
      History of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District, East Sea Coast Demerara, Guyana.
      "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." The Most Honourable Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) People's Power Forever Vote AFC Tme for Change - down with ethnic politics -

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