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  • Rudolph Jaeranny
    Dear All: Hope you don t mind me sharing wid me friends. regards rudy j. From: rudolph jaeranny Subject: Fwd: Re:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2006
      Dear All:
      Hope you don't mind me sharing wid me friends.
      rudy j.

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      Subject: Fwd: Re: [guyanese_genealogy] AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT !! PLEASE READ !!
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      Captain's Log: Stardate: 2006:06:29
      Aye, aye, ... Captain James T. Kirk,  Lieutenant Scotty 
      The Captain has been in unusual company of late. Continuously and steadfastly observing and analyzing the humanoids. Below is a transcript which might be of interest.
      Can Battlestar and Enterprise forge a united front in this possible encounter with the dreaded Romii? Furthermore, is it possible that these humanoids and us have the same objectives.
      Over and Out
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      jebratt <jonathanbratt@...> wrote:
      It is with great sense of excitement and hope that I announce that we
      have contacted the majority of the key political parties in Guyana and
      extended an invitiation to each of them to participate in dialogue on
      our forum (http://mittelholzer .org/forum/ index.php) We believe that
      now is the time for action and for all Guyanese people to put aside
      whatever differences exist so that we may all work together to shape
      the future of our country. We are not naive enough to believe that
      this process will be easy and straightforward, however it is my
      sincere desire to see everyone participate in this dialogue as we
      cannot change the country without the help and support of as many
      people as possible.

      I ask that you pass the word around and to register on our forum so
      that we may begin our discussion with a strong base of people and
      support. We plan on submitting a series of questions sent by the
      people to each political leader/party so that we can all discuss the
      issues of crime, corruption and poverty that are, in our opinion the
      real problems that must be addressed.

      Now is the time for action. Now is the time for partisan feeling to
      yield to our sense of patriotism. I urge all of you to come,
      participate and work together to build a brighter future for all


      The Mittelholzer Foundation
      http://www.mittelho lzer.org/ forum/index. php

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