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[Guyana Genealogical and Biographical Society] LCP and Guianese who welcomed Eze to British Guiana December 1950

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  • M'lilwana
    LCP and Guianese who welcomed Eze to British Guiana December 1950 The list of names are those who attend the LCP Ball at the Carib Hotel in the honor of EZE
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2006
      LCP and Guianese who welcomed Eze to British Guiana December 1950

      The list of names are those who attend the LCP Ball at the Carib Hotel in the honor of EZE Dec. 1950. And the names of others who turned out to welcome EZE to British Guiana, and this is found pages 180 - 187 in the LCP produced Seven Amazing Days in the life of Eze. Perhaps you would like to look up the listing by places and names - you'd probably recognise names of relatives. Let's talk about it - Will you?

      I am interested in communicating with the following persons and or their descendants - I believe they are related to Sancho If you have and or can obtain
      contact information, please do email: childrenofsancho@...
      A. Luke, A. T. Peters, Mr. & Mrs. B. Kowlessar, Dr. & Mrs. Claude H. Denbow, Miss G. Denbow, Fitz Clarke, Police Inspector J.S. Talbot, L. Fraser, Mrs. Louis Crawford, S. Gravesande, Mr. & Mrs. V. P. Gill, and W. Moor -

      Jake Crocker, Daily Chronicle, Constance Theobold, Daily Chronicle, Albert Isaacs, Daily Chronicle, The Labour Advocate, Daily Argosy, The Sentinel, Guiana Graphic, Station XFY, British Guiana, The Thunder, Exchange Telegraph, London

      A. Burke, Miss Asenath Whyte, Alan Bowman (Painter of Eze in colour), Mrs. Carolin Bourne (Poetess), Mrs. Caroline Drayton-Bruce (Poetess), Cyril Nedd, Corporal Clem Nichols (Police Band), Mrs. Daphne Taylor, E. A. Van Rossum (Composer), Mrs. Edith Elizabeth Fletchman, F. R. Huntley, George Harris, Hayeldean Willings, Mrs. I. Chase, Iris Grimes, Laurie De Jonge (Poet), Mrs. Lillian Cummings, Miss Lillith L. Kendall, Lord Sealey (Calypso), Paul A. A. Newark, Pat. A. Lawrence, P. A. Braithwaite, Peter Rollins, St. Berthran F. Rose, Wallace St. Omar Obermuller, W. A. Mittelholzer

      Dr. A. Carlyle Miller, Alvin Jairman, A. Morrison, A. Joe, A. Baird, A. Luke, Madam A. T. Peters, Hon. Audrey Jeffers, B. L. McGowan, Barrington Dunbar, B. I. Mendonca, Mr. & Mrs. B. Kowlessar, Mrs. B. Saunders, B. S. E. Williams, C. M. L. John, Dr. & Mrs. Claude H. Denbow, Mrs. C. King, Miss C. Niles, C. D. Morrison, Clem Vigilance, Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Cameron, Miss D. Wood, Miss D. London Williams, Miss D. Wiltshire, Miss D. Steele, D. Sargent, Dr. D. J. Taitt, E. Durant, Dr. Ellis Williams, E. Morrison, Sgt. E. A. Brutus, E.N. Fraser, Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Richards, Miss E. Benjamin, E. Perry-Wason, F. Francis, Mr. & Mrs. F. Duncan, Fitz Clarke, Fitz Joseph, Mr. & Mrs. G. S. L. Payne, Miss G. Denbow, G. E. Wellington, G. Hacket, G. Babb, Miss G. Lovell, G. C. Davidson, Mrs. G. Carter, Miss Gwen Parris, H. B. Davis, H.E. Nassy, Mrs. I Gray, J. A. Warner, Police Inspector J.S. Talbot, Jerry Niles, J. Isaacs, J. Herod, Jack Warner, J. Graham, Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Summer, Hon. John Carter, Dr. & Mrs. .J. Nicholson, Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wray, Consul and Madam Louis Don
      Deveaux, Hon. Lionel Luckhoo, L. John, L. Fraser, Mrs. Louis Crawford, M. Baird, Miss May Thompson, Mrs. Muriel Nurse, Mrs. M. Dickson, Mr. & Mrs. N. Small, O.
      Bentham, O. Cambridge, Miss O. Vansluytman, P. Cutting, P. Crane, Madam P.G. Barrow, Miss Pearl Walcott, P Walcott, R. C. G. Potter, Miss R. Harte, Madam R. S. Miller, R.B. O. Hart, Mr. & Mrs. R. Liverpool, S. S. J. Edwards, S. D. Morrison, S.
      Gravesande, Miss S. Haley, Steve Semple, Mr. & Mrs. Victor Neptune, Mr. & Mrs. V. P. Gill, V. L. C. Forsythe, V. Crane, W. Moor

      Miss Judy Lucas, Miss Lorraine Trim, W. G. Griffith

      H. A. Douglas-Hall, C. Cordis, F. Vieira, G. J. De.Freitas, J. H. Henry, J. A. Alleyne, J. J. Adams, Peter Blue, T. Simon

      Francis Crawford, M. Gopaul, The Choir

      ESSEQUIBO County
      Abdool Annief, A. B. Captain, C. E. Ellis, D. A. Blackman, Darren M. Lucas, D. A. Paul, D. Fraser, E. Griffith, Francis S. C. Paul, G. F. Medas, H. J. Rohlehr, Henry Poark, J. May Laralli, Lorraine B. Trim, L. Williams, Neaeceat Ally, P. Auston, P.
      Armstrong, Rupert Lucas, See Ernailh Ally, W. G. Griffith

      A. Thorne, Carl Dwku, Dr. M. H. Rathat, P. A. Newark, P. N. King

      FARM, PARIKA, HYDE PARK and SALEM District
      Edward Thomas, Miss Enid Abrahams, Felix Lyte, Igrell Vhuis, Jas Alexander, James Benjamin, Jones E. Vhuis,Joseph M. Beckles, Jos. W. Dolphin, Ovid Anderson, P. Johnson, Richard Thomas, Stephen Robinson, Wilfred Caesar, William S. Beaton

      James Brathwaite

      Arnold Collins, A. Cameron, Rev. C. B. Gladwin Fraser, Cecil E. Smith, D. L. Palmer, Gershwin O. Browne, Gwen A. Brown, Jake Crocker, J. Adams, Phillip A. Boody, Simon Anderson, V. Collins, Wolseley W. Anderson

      Hon. R. B. Gajraj (Mayor of Georgetown), A. V. Robinson, C. Hendericks, Christina Welcome, E. J. Smart, Mr. & Mrs. F. H. Pollard, H. Smith, J. C. Bob-Semple, J. E. Thomas, J. McD. Welch, Mr. & Mrs. L. Gopie, Miss Millicent Yaw, Pundit Paltooran, Samuel Brown, Samuel Nathaniel Green, T. A. Morris

      Irene Chase, Lilian Cummings, Rebecca Sampson, Samuel A. Bowen, Theophilus A. Wright

      Ambrose Robinson, C. Bob-Semple, C. A. Fanidu, C. Young, D. Perry Wason, E. Hendericks, G. A. Hartley, J. B. Hariz, James H. V. Craig, Maude Heele, P. Sitten, R. E. Whitehead, Stephen Graham, S. W. Wilson

      J. Barry Austin, Mrs. Leona Matthews, Mrs. Margaret Gappy, Mrs. Muriel A. Nurse, Mrs. Amelia Edward (90 years old), Norman Geoffrey, Weinic Sydney Edwards.

      Aaron Forester, Arthur W. Thomas, Ibleam L. Cleaver, Ivan A. Husbands, Herman Babb, Joseph Prodor, Joseph Long, Rockcliffe Hamilton, Samuel J. Bleckett, William A. Grant, Wilfred Scott

      F. Luard, Mrs. Mary Goring, W. H. Bart, "St. Luke's Male Voice"

      Charles Adonis, A. N. Thomas, A. Burke, E. A. Chapman, Hon. Dr. G. M. Gonsalves,
      James Gaskin, J. Trenton Bristol, Mrs. M. Clarke-Bourne, S. A. Patterson, Vernon Williams

      V. Chap

      Dr. Abel Anthony, Arteman Williams, Cyrinus Briggs, Charles Ennis, Daniel Frantzen, Ewart Rawlings, George Leach, Gladstone Thomas, Herman Anthony, Harry
      Obermuller, Jas Allen, John Wray, Joseph Sopha, John James, James Edwards, Leon Rawlings, Metzford Fields, Nichols McLeod, Plato Anthony, Peter Williamson,
      Phillip Banks, Percy Belgrave, Percy Klass, Richard Perry, Samuel Anthony, Thomas Chance, Thomas Cleaver, Thomas Wray, William Lewis

      AGRICOLA - Jordanites
      Bishop James Neptune Klein, Furdnand Fung, Saul Nathaniel Greene, Vincent Collett

      Arnold Henry, Cyril Duncan, David Profitt, E. A. Franklin, George M. Donald, Griffith Grant, Iris Henry, Ivy Paul, J. Henry (chairman), Mary E. C. Cush,
      Med. A. Cummings, Paul Slowe, Peter Westmoreland, Viola Benjamin, Rev. W. A. Osborne, W. Leslie Ogle

      Benjamin Berry, Charles Harry, George Younge, Joseph B. London, Joseph Harvey (Chairman), Joseph Newton, J. Singh (Deputy Chairman), Millicent John, Oscar Lupe,
      S. Winston Curse

      VICTORIA Village
      John Augustus Adams, Joseph Barlow, Thomas A. Barry, Joseph Baynes, Lilian Baynes, Albertha Bercheyek,Clarence Charles, Mensah Goring, Albertha Hermanstyne, Benjamin Hope, Lionel C. Joris, George H. W. Luke, Ralph Moore, Ada Nedd, Gertie Roberts, Stanley Roberts, Geo. U. Rutherford, James E. Wegman

      A. S. Bobb, E.A. Pellew, J. P. Dublin, Sewlal(councillor), S. R. Eastman, Thos. N. Eastman

      Alma Richmond, Cecil Joseph Tedford, Douglas C. J. Bobb, D. Scales, George S. T. Hodges, George William Forsythe, Mrs. Iris E. O'Dell, J. O'Dell, J. Wills, J. Mayers, J. A. Charles, J.H. Charles, Nasaiu Verigh, O. Hercules, Samuel Duncan Grant, Samuel Benjamin Nebleu, Stanley A. Moffet, S. Murdock, S. Weblett, T. Thompson

      C. Yansen, C. W. Hamilton, David A. Daniels, Miss Elaine E. Cruickshank, Eric McLaren Phillips, J. A. Williams (Councillor), W. E. Luke

      C. A. Taylor, C. H. Mann, Felix A. Hugh, J. McD. Jones, L. D. Cooper, Ruby MacGregor, Rupert Dowden, Stephen Patterson, S. F. Carew, S. G. Wiltshire, W. A.
      Beckles, Hon. W. O. R. Kendall Minister of Communications and Works.

      The People

      The following leaders of different denominations officiated in the religious services held in honour of EZE, and especially on December 28, 1950. Denominational barriers were broken and forgotten. The Right Rev. (Bishop) E. P. Baker, The Rt. Rev. C.W. H. Seaforth, The Right Rev. J. H. Ifill, Bishop James N. Klein (Elder), Rev. Alex. Williams, Rev. Hon. A. T. Peters, Rev. Ben O. Berry, Rev. C. B. G. Fraser, Rev. C. B. G. Fraser, Rev. D.W. H. Pollard, Rev. D. C. J. Bobb, Rev. E. S. M. Pilgrim, Rev. Garnett Evans, Rev. J. A. Cameron, Rev. M. Cossou, Rev. Pat. Matthews, Rev. R. Porte, Rev. R. C. Rodney, Rev. Sidney J. Hutchins, His Exalted Eminence, the Archibishop of the World Coptic Church Dr. D. P. Arthur, Caleb Headley,
      C. Springer, Eric Wainwright, G. A. Graham, T. A. Wright (Elder)

      A. D. S. Stoffles, D. P. Sam, E. Allman, O. F. Luard

      VAUXHALL, Canal No #1 Polder
      Cyril A. Shepherd, Mrs. E. James-Campbell, Joseph N. John, Mcdmund A. Johnson, Robert B. Simpson

      Benjamin O. Berry (President of LCP VERGENOEGEN Branch), A. Picket, D. Mollyneau, Herman F. Davis, R. West

      Felise George, Joseph Hackett

      NO. 5-12 VILLAGE Group
      Miss Carmen Johnson, H. C. Haynes, H. L. T. London, W. Alexander

      Miss Enid Abram, G. W. Dolphin

      A. Daniels, C. Craig, Colin John, E. S. Cumbermack, Elvira King, G. Garraway, H. E. Jarvis, J. H. V. Craig, J. A. L. Graham, J. Haynes, P. Batson, P. Harrison, P. L. Hestick, W. Cameron

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