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Re: [guyanese_genealogy] From Africa to Albion

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  • Jon - Budmart.co.uk
    Hello Sancho The Chap is very pleased with the Paddys list but wants to know if you found anything on the Emmanuels. Did you get a chance to list them ? He s
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 13, 2006
      Hello Sancho
      The Chap is very pleased with the Paddys list but wants to know if you found anything on the Emmanuels.
      Did you get a chance to list them ?
      He's in no rush so if you can find them that will be great.
      Please let me know if there are any problems.

      Sancho of Nabaclis <childrenofsancho@...> wrote:
      Hello Jon,
      Please forward  the attached fle to the family historian who emailed you. It contins a list of Paddy found in District 6 in the preliminary list of electors.

      "Jon - Budmart.co.uk" <budmartuk@...> wrote:
      Hello Everyone
      I have received the following request from someone tracing their African roots.
      They come from the Albion area and are interested in Family ties in Albion and Fyrish.
      I will have a look and see what i can find but any additional help will be very handy, please have a look and see if you are familiar with any of the below details.
      Jon hi,
      Thanks for getting back to me.
      The info obtained so far is as follows, please feel free to share it with anyone who may be able to assist.
      Great Great Grandmother. Born Africa? Ashanti who name means flower. Lived on Albion plantation 1830's, worked as house servant. Albion owned by Bookers. given plot of land at Winkel. still owned by Emmanuel family 30 Winkel. Married Christmas Paddy, but had first and second children to oversser or some other white individual - possibly person who gave her land at Winkel. 
      Information: Confirm her name on plantation records. How did she get to Albion - shipping records - purchase records - who gave her land at Winkel (Crown entitlement?) -Who was father of first and second children? birth  / marriage certificates.
      Christmas Paddy
      Great Great Grandfather. Born Guyana? Lived Albion Plantation Had about 12 brothers. Taught to read and preach to other "slaves " at Church in Firish. Still remembered at Firish Church his great great grandson is currently pastor.
      Information: as above
      Children: All born within a few years of each other
      Mary (Mulatto) born 1860/70
      Adele (Mulatto) born 1860/70
      Brother born 1860/75
      James born 1860/75
      Bill Christmas born 1860/75
      Mary Paddy
      Given land at Winkel. Married George Emmanuel.  House wife. but worked as midwife to locals. Lived middle class lifestyle withhusband at Winkel.
      George Emmanuel
      Born 1890s Educated in Georgetown? Born on Firsh plantation Postmaster General until his death in the 1930-40 period.  Died young 40's. Mother t'amba, Father Witch Doctor.
      Edward (my Grand father)
      Lived 1850s.born free..South African Zulu? Lived at Firish to 80-90. 6ft tall and well built.walked everywhere.
      Witch Doctor
      Lived 1850s..Real name not known..history, time and place of death not known. Lived at Firish..Made potions to maek workers/slaves better. Did not take to slavery..always running away. leg amputated below knee.
      Children: (All surnamed Emanuel - who were they named after?) 
      10 Boys
      1 Girl
      Land at Gibraltar given to Emmanuels as Crown recompense.
      Information: any available to substantiate the above.
      Please let me know if you have heard of any of the above details.

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      Carmen V Paddy 4 Mount Sinai N/A Seamstress
      Maurice Adolphus Paddy 4 Mount Sinai New Amsterdam Pipe Fitter 
      Michelle Abiola Paddy Mount Sinai C Housewife
      Aubrey Richard Paddy 4 Mount Sinai Greater New Amsterdam Rigger
      Dolincia May Paddy 1 Mount Sinai West Canje
      Gavin Simeon Paddy 1 Mount Sinai West Canje Plumber
      Navie A. Paddy 27 Pilot Street
      Beverly Ann Margaret Paddy 21-27 St. Magdalen Street New Amsterdam Foremen
      Joan Elebeth Paddy 00000020-2 St John Street New Amsterdam Berbice House Keeper
      Tromainie J Paddy 21-27 St. Magdalen St. Engineer
      Michael Paddy Gibraltar Village Corentyne Labourer
      Jacquelyn V. T. Paddy Queen Street Courtland Cor. Weeder
      Marion E. Paddy Hampshire Street Courtland Housewife
      Odessa A. Paddy 31 Queen Street Courtland Cor. Electrician
      Raymond R. Paddy Hampshire Street Courtland Chauffeur
      Vaulda F. Paddy 31 Queen Street Courtland Cor. Housewife
      Walter H N Paddy 31 Queen Street Courtland Cor.
      Elroy Christopher Paddy 107 Fyrish Road Corentyne Mechanic
      Tiffany Letoya Paddy 00177 Fourth Street North Public Road Fyrish Corentyne Clerk
      Junior Weston Paddy Fyrish Road Corentyne 
      Nelly Paddy Fyrish Rd. Cor Bce Nurse 
      Yvonette Vanessa Paddy Fyrish Road Corentyne Clerk
      Euborn O Paddy 31 Fyrish Village Corentyne Sugar Boiler 
      Judy D Paddy 31 Fyrish Village Corentyne
      Roydon Royson Paddy Sec B Fyrish Village Corentyne Berbice Linesman 
      Dwayne Anthony Paddy 00010 Area K Albion
      George E Paddy 86 Rose hall Town Plumber
      Claudius Paddy Alness Village Cor Labourer
      William Paddy Alness
      Michael Sylvester Paddy Springlands Security Guard

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