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Fwd: Hello from the Caribbean Surname Index...

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  • Sancho of Nabaclis
    I am of the opinion all who are interested in Genealogy connected to the Caribbean - should join the Caribbean Surname Index.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2006
      I am of the opinion all who are interested in Genealogy connected to the Caribbean - should join the Caribbean Surname Index.


      Jim Lynch <jlynch@...> wrote:
      Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 15:40:39 -0400 (EDT)
      Subject: Hello from the Caribbean Surname Index...
      From: "Jim Lynch" <jlynch@...>
      To: listserv@...

      Hello from the Caribbean Surname Index...

      It is with mixed emotions that I announce a change in format for the
      Index. The initial concept was to allow everyone unlimited access to their
      genealogy search, but one major problem has always stood in the way of
      that - SPAM.

      There is software which "spiders" the internet looking for and
      "harvesting" email addresses, and the Index - in its current format -
      seems to be one of those resources which is a wonderful source of such
      email addresses.

      As a result, people who have posted surnames here have closed their
      addresses due to the volume of SPAM (of which to some people even one
      unwanted email is too many). And at the beginning of this Index the
      software simply was not available and custom programming was too expensive
      to provide.

      Now I have found software which I have adapted to our purpose. It is
      basically a Discussion Forum/Board which allows PM (Private Messages) to
      be sent between registered users. With the email addresses removed from
      public access, registered users can still send messages to one another,
      and in their Profile registered users can set the software to send them an
      email alert when a message arrives for them.

      I ask that you find your entries in the old Index, as well as register in
      and post them into the new Index. You may wish to take this opportunity to
      update your Index information.

      This provides a number of advantages:

      - Confidentiality: Your email address is confirmed - that it does indeed
      exist - but it is not publicly available.
      - Security: Someone sending you an email has no idea where or who you are
      until you send them that information directly.
      - Communications: Registered users can communicate with each other
      directly through the Index.
      - Flexibility: Registered users may now leave a slightly longer note
      attached to their surname search (it was restricted before to 70
      characters)... and I do ask you not to abuse this additional space.
      - Speed: Instead of waiting for the Administrator to post an entry,
      registered users now post their own entries and their search is on line
      - Editing: Registered users may now edit or add to their own information
      as soon as it changes.

      Here is the format you MUST follow for adding entries to the Caribbean
      Surname Index. It follows the basic format of the previous Index:

      Subject line: SURNAME (in capitals), Country - local area.

      Body text: Your name, and a short note.

      LYNCH - Barbados, Bridgetown
      James Lynch, seeking especially Hamlet LYNCH ca.1804

      Please do NOT put your own email, street address or location into the
      Subject or Body of the post.


      - Use a "handle" or "nickname" as your Index name.
      - Select "Notification" to "On" in your Board Profile page as soon as you
      register to make your experience here as effortless as possible - with
      this selected ON you would be notified by email when another registered
      user either responds to your surname post or sends you a Private Message.
      - Keep your posted information short and to the point. Public messages are
      available to anyone on the Internet.

      Be advised that the Administrator does have access to your email address
      should he need to contact you for any reason. This access will not be
      abused and you will never receive SPAM from this source.

      Again, all users who wish to post or communicate are now REQUIRED to
      register. The Index may also be used for discussion - but of
      directly-related genealogy matters ONLY.

      This Index is fully searchable. As before, all posts are totally subject
      to review and control by the Administrator, and the Administrator's
      decision in any matter is final.

      The old Index will continue to be available at
      but will no longer accept new entries.

      The new Index is available at

      Thank you for your time and attention...

      James C. "Jim" Lynch
      128 Snowshoe Crescent
      Thornhill, Ontario
      CANADA L3T4M9

      Eternal Blessings, Love, Peace, Power & Unity
      M'lilwana Osanku - Sancho of Nabaclis.
      Researching - Sancho, Campbell, Young (Younge), Solomon, Ross & Martin - Families of Guyana.
      History of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District, East Sea Coast Demerara, Guyana.
      "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." The Most Honourable Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) People's Power Forever Vote AFC Tme for Change - down with ethnic politics -

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