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[Guyana Genealogical and Biographical Society] Obituary:Funeral of Mr. William Garnett Barnett Burgan

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  • M'lilwana
    Obituary: funeral of Mr. W. G. B. Burgan A large attendance The funeral of Mr. William Garnett Barnett Burgan, retired schoolmaster and father of the Rev.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2005
      Obituary: funeral of Mr. W. G. B. Burgan

      A large attendance

      The funeral of Mr. William Garnett Barnett Burgan, retired schoolmaster and father of the Rev. Canon W. G. Burgan of St. Augustine’s Church, Buxton took place yesterday afternoon from the home of his daughter, Mrs. C.H. Bryan, above the Carmichael Street Post Office.

      There was a large attendance which was ample manifestation of the esteem in which the deceased was held.

      The cortege moved to Christ Church where a service was conducted by the Venerable Archdeacon W. L. Kissack, O.B.E., Vicar of the Church, assisted by the Rev. Canon L. J. Brye of St. Phillip’s church and the Rev. Canon W. G. Burgan, son of the deceased. The hymn “Rock of Ages” was sung. The interment was afterwards made at St. Sidwell’s Churchyard, Lodge Village, Archdeacon Kissack and Canon Burgan officiating at the graveside.

      Among those in attendance were Canon Burgan, messrs. F. H. and W. G. Bryan, W.A. and A. L. Burgan, E. G. Jones, Masters T. R. Jones and S. O. Burgan, grandsons, Messrs, W.A. Burgan, nephew, C. H. Bryan, R. Mc D. Jones, son-in-law, L. O. Rockcliffe,
      H. F. Best, G. A. Dennison, and R. A. Kendall, the Hon. J. W. Jackson,
      Mr. D. E. Jackson, the Rev. D. P. Talbott, Mr. A. V. Crane, Rev. J. Dingwall,
      Drs. M. Francis, T. T. Nichols, S. P. James, D. J. Taitt, and P. G. Barrow,
      Messrs. A. A. Bannister, H. V. Taitt, L. Evelyn-Moe, H. S. Jackson, W. N. Arno, E. A. W. Sampson, C. Simon, O. Hobbs, W. Williams, C. A. Lashley, T. A. and A. Medas, C. E. Taylor, J. C. Fox, H. W. Cameron, A. A. Dummett, J. M. Simon, A. R. Hunte, R. A. Jones, Gen B. Holman Williams, J. A. and H. A. Trotman, D. J. Richmond, G. W. Wilson, A. R. Mortley, R. Thompson, G. Haley, J. W. Castello, E. Smith, F. E. Pollard, E. A. Armstrong, S. A. Powell, E. I. Field, H. Small, I. Martin, J. E. Burnham, L. R. Allen, R. Walls, O. E. and F. A. Haynes, L. Kranenburg, E. A. Roberts, A. Thomas, B. Hoyte, M. Harding, A. Vanier, G. L. Benjamin, C. A. Walker, W. W. Sullivan, L. Herod, A. S. Cambridge, A. G. Haley, E. Hendy, P. De Florimonte, G. H. Morrison, A. C. Robinson, Peter Blue, T. E. Moore, G. J. Cameron, B. Jones, E. G. D. Hinds, C. W. Delph, H. J. Earle, E. Carrington, P. H. N. Saunders, E. Fitz Greaves, A. E. Elcock, D. O. P. Eyre, I. De Souza, A. Glan, E. F. Beckles, J. E. Fraser, Joseph Glasgow, M. Harlequin, B. T. and G. A. Teixeira, A. C. Shanks, S. R. R. Allsopp, R. J. Bowling, A. E. King, H. E. Davis, F. Griffith, B. Phillips, R. S. McKenzie, M. J. Bobb-Semple, R. Nobrega, C. A. Williams, W. B. Telford, S. D. Morrison, R. R. Baird, F. A. Leubio, E. A. T. London Williams, G. S. L. Payne, H. S. Cromwell, R. C. G. Potter, D. A. Archer, H. Valz, A. B. Hazelwood, S. A. Duncan, and S. N. Collins.

      The Pall – Bearers were Messrs. W. A. and A. L. Burgan, F. H. and W. G. Bryan, L. O. Rockcliffe and H. F. Best.

      A large number of floral tributes was received.

      The Daily Chronicle, Wednesday, February 2, 1938: P

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