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Healthy and Rewarding 2005++++

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  • Sancho of Nabaclis
    Highest blessings! Let me point out that I am truly blessed with the spirit of cooperation - a number of relatives, friends, and associates of various walks of
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      Highest blessings!


      Let me point out that I am truly blessed with the spirit of cooperation - a number of relatives, friends, and associates of various walks of life, ethnicities and nationalities- have extended towards my efforts to research and to document the history of working class people whose struggles laid the foundation for the making of the nation known today as Guyana .

      It has been for the most part a blessing and a privilege. I hereby thank you on the behalf of  members of my kinfolks, extended families, neighbours, residents of the communities of the East Coast of Demerara � past, present and future generations, and myself � for communicating to me your contributions over the course of 2004.


      I simply and most humbly, ask it of you to accept my acknowledgement of your efforts � for without you the process would not be a rewarding experience. While I am anxiously looking forward, to continuing and improving the process-communicating with folks from and or connected to Princes Town , 5Company Village , Moruga, Point Fortin in Trinidad , and St. Michael�s Barbados � occupies the upper echelons of my agenda for the year 2005.


      Thus the migrations of working class people;


      1.      From the Caribbean islands to British Guiana ; especially the Barbadian, beginning in 1835 to 1924.

      2.      From British Guiana to the Panama Canal Zone , 1850- 1914.


      Thinking of the thousands of working peoples who ventured to the Panama Canal and their experiences there in Latin America . Three quotes from The Most Honourable Mr. Marcus Messiah Garvey and  the Chief Engineers of the Canal  emerge from the depts of  my mind, the following;

      �I have no hesitancy in saying that the West Indian Negro is about the poorest excuse for a laborer I have ever been up against in thirty-five years of experience.� Chief Engineer John Stevens

      �West Indian Blacks were half as productive as Us Blacks and a quarter as good as northern White labor.� �Cook rice which was hard enough to shoot deer; sauce spread, all over the rice; and a slap of meat which many men either spent an hour trying to chew or eventually threw away� Colonel George W. Goethals, Chief Engineer and Chair man of the Isthmian Canal Commission, 1907.

      In the publication the philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey � Ole Marcus is quoted saying, �At no time in the history of the world, for the last five hundred years, was there ever a serious attempt made to free Negroes. We have been camouflaged into believing that we were made free by Abraham Lincoln, that we were made free by Victoria of England, but up to now we are still slaves, we are industrial slaves, we are social slaves, we are political slaves, and the Negro desires a freedom that has no boundary, no limit.�   Note: in this era replace the word- Negro- with that of  - Blackman.


      Questions and Requests: -


      1. Where Indo-Guyanese among the migrant worker on the Panama Canal ?
      2. Where Indo-Guyanese among those known to us as Pork knockers?
      3. Do you have knowledge of the Muttoo family of Unity-Lancaster?
      4. Do you have knowledge of the Indo-Guyanese who are descendants and or relatives of Sancho family?
      5. Please inquire about the history of Port Mourant, Berbice and forward your findings to me as soon as possible.
      6. Dates the villages; Buxton, Friendship, Plaisance, Ann�s Grove and Beterverwagting � were purchased.


       Feel free to offer your thoughts, and expertise, on those activities � whatever they maybe, materials, which could well, be useful in this exercise, would certainly be welcomed.

      On the Guyana front � I remain convinced, absolutely, there is a growing need for establishing a Guyanese Genealogical and Biographical Society � and thus I would like to know my attempts, baby steps in 2004 materialize in an organized manner into a full-fledged organization- providing the necessary data on Guyana , and Guyanese.  I am looking forward to my fellow Guyanese and those connected to and or interested in Guyana , cooperating and making such happen beginning by the end of the first quarter of 2005. I would like to interact with on such an account, immediately. Again share with me your thoughts.

      The political and social commentary I made on the events which occurred in Guyana gave rise to unnecessary energy being spent replying to those who are bounded in their narrow minded views, and the conclusion it was all in vein. It certainly was not rewarding by any means � the conclusion � donkey have big ears and just maybe I ought to have listened to an elder relative Mr. Leebert Sancho, who was a Chairman of a Village District on the East Coast of Demerara, during the late 1960�s. I am very disappointed I have not established the much needed contact and thus I am not communicating with a number of folks; prominent among them; Harold Lutchman. I am also seeking you input on locating and accessing sources of information such as primarily the following publications;


      1.      The  Long Note Book

      2.      Barbadian Migration to British Guiana , 1835-1924.

      3.      East Coast Demerara Almanack and Directory for the year 1888

      4.      Report of the Superintendent of Villages � the writings of Edward Geach Yewens on the Villages.

      5.      Colonial Office 114/27, 114/28, 114/30, 114/32, 114/40,   Report of villages for the year 1852 - 1894.

      6.      Reports of the Commissioner of Villages 1845

      7.      The aftermath of the Angel Gabriel Riots, and its effects on the East Coast Demerara, between Haslington and Belfield.

      8.      The aftermath of the Cent Bread Riots, and its effects on the East Coast Demerara, between Haslington and Belfield.

      9.      Party Politics: its effects on the East Coast Demerara, between Haslington and Belfield, 1955-2005.

      10.  D. T. A. Jones � Columnist; the Daily Chronicle, and the New Outlook � the Voice of Labour, and President, Golden Grove Burial and Mutual Relief Society.

      11.  James Campbell, and his wife, Miss Solomon, their ancestry, and descendants of Unity-Lancaster , Victoria , and Nabaclis, wherever they were and are resident. Their relationship to Caesar Solomon one of the share holders of Plantation Northbrook.

      12.  Lists of the Share Holders of Golden Grove, Nabaclis, Buxton and Friendship villages.

      13.  Sandenan�s British Guiana Almanack and Diary for the year 1855. (Ephemerides)

      14.  The Program for the Centenary Celebrations (May 5, 1848 - May 5, 1948) held in Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District on the days, May 5 -7, 1948.

      15.  Leopold Duncan Sarrabo�s Historical Review of Golden Grove prepared for the Centenary Celebrations May 5, 1948 .

      16.   George Henry Augustus Bunyan - A History of the British Guiana Teachers� Association, 1884-1946 (1946).

      17.  Versions of the folk songs in which Sancho is the subject.

      18.   Gazettes, and Newspapers of British Guiana, published 1843 -1917.

      19.   Ethnic and or Working class peoples� publications of British Guiana , 1872 - 1948


      An immediate request � I would like to place the contents of biographical material online whereby such would be readily available to interested persons. Thus I would like to know and to approach the honourable Mr. Arthur J. Seymour � seeking permission to do so with his publication � A Dictionary of Guyanese Biography vols. 1 and 2. 

      Again for what is in my mind�s eye - Guyanese Genealogical and Biographical Society � a worthy institution, indeed. Therefore those among us please make the effort and let us realize such an organization with all the necessary legal steps.

      Sancho online presences are found at the following;







      In closing let me repeat myself � thank you very much - for the shared past experiences



      M'lilwana Osanku (Sancho of Nabaclis)
      Genealogist, Historian, and Researcher for Sancho Family History
      Golden Grove and Nabaclis, Guyana.

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