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Bring Back Anansi-Diana Chapman- video

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  • Cyril Bryan
    Bring Back Anansi-Diana
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2011

      Bring Back Anansi-Diana Chapman-video

       Guyana's Junior Calypso Monarch 2011

      Bring Back Anansi-Diana Chapman - video

      Guyana's Junior Calypso Monarch 2011

      The singer is Lindener, Diana Chapman, is the 2011 Junior Calypso Monarch, dethroning last year's champion, Tennisia De Freitas.
      The young woman over the weekend was able to steal the crown from last year's winner with her performance entitled: 'Bring Back Brer Anancy'. The song was centered on the olden days of Guyana when things were cheap and seemed to be better.
      The new Junior Calypso Monarch is a personnel clerk at the Regional Democratic Council and it was not her first time in the competition. Last year she missed the crown after placing second to Tennicia De Freitas. However, this time the roles were reversed.
      De Freitas’s  second place song  was 'Can't Take It No More', while third position went to Ernest Nelson with 'E Too Much'.
      This year's competition saw 13 competitors from across the country vying for the title of Junior Calypso Monarch 2011.
      (Thanks to Peter Halder for submitting this entry to Guyanese Online)

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