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Guyanese Online Newsletter - June 2010

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  • Cyril Bryan
    Guyanese Online Website ***Newsletter – June
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2010

      Guyanese Online Website

      Newsletter – June 2010

      Online Newsletter - June 2010< download

      In This Issue

      Page 1– Masthead Picture: Parliament Buildings in Georgetown; President Jagdeo’s Independence Speech for 44th Anniversary.

      Page 2-  EditorialVideos on Life and Education.

      Page 3– Guest Editorial – New Models of Governance

      Page 4-  Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago Elections

      Page 5– Guyana Tourism – Guyana Jamboree 2010.

      Page 6—Guyana News with Headline News links

      Amaila Falls Hydro Project;  RUSAL Hydro  Project Talks;   Governance links; Agriculture;  Gold and Diamond Mining Issues.

      Page 7—Guyana News with Headline News Links; Golden Grove Community Centre Opens; St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Fire—News links

      Page 8– Business Page with GO-Invest links

      Page 9– Last Lap Lime – 15th Anniversary

      Page 10- Associations: Guyanese Association of Georgia; Guyanese Association of  Barbados;

      Page 11-  Associations: Guyanese association of Manitoba;Q.C. Alumni—”Fireworks in Queens”;“A Taste of Guyana” in Toronto; Friends of  Victoria Village “Creole Breakfast”; Buxton-  170th Anniversary Celebrations; The Arts Journal;  Ameena Gafoor’s column

      Page 12- Arts and Culture: Tony Phillips—artist -  Website; Olga Lopes-Seale  – “Fun Run”  in Barbados;  Godfrey Chin: “The Forties in British Guiana.”

      Page 13- Arts and Culture: “Reds” Perreira launches book on his life;“Come Walk With Me”  A book of  Poems by Francis Yvonne Jackson living in Chicago.

      Page 14– 15- Historical:  “Glimpses of Kingston”  1948. Written by Joy W. Small in Kyk-Over-Al

      Page 16– Advertising- Guyana Telephone Calling Cards;  Caribbean Cargo and Packaging Services.

      WEBSITE Address: www.guyaneseonline.wordpress.com

      Please feel free to pass it on to your family and friends as well as organizations who may be interested

      Cyril Bryan, Editor and Publisher
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