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Cemeteries in Guyana

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  • Conscious Awareness
    I must be the bearer of information which may very be not at all pleasing but it is accurate as per my memory and the experiences of others who are seeking to
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 5, 2008

      I must be the bearer of information which may very be not at all pleasing but it is accurate as per my memory and the experiences of others who are seeking to identify the events of deaths among the people of their interests.

      The vast majority of the churches in the colony of British Guiana have cemeteries. In fact, the land which houses churches, schools and cemeteries were donated to the missionaries, and the village districts of their choosing by the shareholders.

      Your best bet is for you to narrow down your search considerably.

      I suggest you must be able to identify;

      1. The village in which the people of your interests were resident.
      2. The denomination to which they subscribed.

      Then armed with that data to contact the Church authority in Guyana and thereby they may be able to pinpoint you to access the accurate information you are seeking.


      Please note the cemeteries in Guyana do not provide information of the occupants therein as most Eurocentric nations of the developed world. For example if you journey to holy cross cemetery in Brooklyn New York City in the office of the cemetery they can and will give you answers respecting who is interred in the cemetery and where the person of interest is resting in peace therein. That is not the scenario in Guyana and numerous nations in the Caribbean basin and around the globe.

      On 4/4/08, i_love_homedepot <i_love_homedepot@...> wrote:

      I hate to add a negative here but I have contacted all the churches in
      Bridgetown asking questions and I have yet to receive one response. I
      have even sent a second message and still no response. I am not sure
      what it going on but it is like they are not really willing to help.
      Very frustrating indeed!

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    • M'lilwana Osanku
      *http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nyggbs/Cemeteries.htm* This has page has incorrect information. I
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 26, 2008


         This has page has incorrect information. I  know it does not look well in the eyes of those of us who are aware of its inaccuracies. A hint every village for the most part has its own cemetery. Also there are quite often three and/or more in one village district… what do I know I only resided in the colony of British Guiana beginning in the 1950s to 1980….take or leave it - that's your choice….

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