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Guess who is in the local Newspaper ?

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  • Jon - Budmart.co.uk
    Hello Everyone I received a interesting E-Mail from my local Newspaper who said that they saw one of my videos that i posted a couple of weeks ago on Youtube
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2007
      Hello Everyone
      I received a interesting E-Mail from my local Newspaper who said that they saw one of my videos that i posted a couple of weeks ago on Youtube and asked if they could write a Article on it to which i agreed.
      There is a Article in this week's edition and a separate one online on the Newspaper's Website which is different from the printed one but more or less says the same thing.
      The video they were interested in was one i done on my local area showing local scenes and pictures of local people but hopefully visitors will also visit other videos i have on my Channel which include ones on Guyana and it's History.
      They asked me why i done the video and it is explained in the printed version but is not mentioned in the online version plus the online version mentions me as being based in Croydon when i live in Sutton and both reports refer to Thomas Wall (famous founder of Wall's Ice Cream and Wall's Sausages) as John Wall which is a typo on their part.
      However, i am still pretty happy about having the Articles written, to have a read visit :
      Incidentally the same edition also has a report about the "Gentlemen Slavers" Exhibition that covers the Borough's links to Slavery and the Caribbean that is running at the Town Hall and Library to celebrate Black History Month.
      I applied for the contract for the research work but was unsuccessful and although the work done is quite good (not being bias ! LOL) i think i could have done better as they didn't elaborate enough on some areas and completely glossed over others giving a more Political correct version of what happened leaving out some of the more unsavoury events so not to portray the Borough in a bad light whereas had i been commissioned to do the Project i would have covered all areas not covering over any part and giving a truthful portrayal of local Society in the 18th and 19th Centuries not the one that has been presented.
      The Exhibition claims that practically everyone in Sutton was abhored by the Slave trade and they were all against it and only a minute minority were in favour of it when we all know very different as Slavery was the main contributor to the local Economy and all those who were employed in the Borough were done so by Planter Families so i very much doubt they were against Slavery as it was responsible for their own income and substanance.
      Today the people of Sutton would be abhored (or should be !) but not back then, a proper rendering should have been given rather than one put together to avoid causing offence to local sensibilities which only makes Slavery to appear less terrible than it really was.
      The most recent Article hasn't appeared on the Website yet so this is a older Article on the Exhibition from June.
      Happy reading and watching !

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