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World Day of Indigenous People - August 9, 2007

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  • M'lilwana Osanku
    WORLD DAY OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE - Aug. 9, 2007 ============================================== Indigenous peoples around the globe are making themselves heard in
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      Indigenous peoples around the globe are making themselves heard in international arenas and at the national level. But many challenges remain in the fight for recognition of all their rights.

      First Nations Feel Betrayed by Canada at UN
      Am Johal
      VANCOUVER - Even though it took two decades to draft a U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Canada has been actively opposing the document for much of that period.

      U.S. Congress Moves to Protect Native Women from Assaults
      Jim Lobe
      WASHINGTON - Acting in major part on a recent report by Amnesty International and Native American activists, the U.S. Congress is moving to provide additional funding to protect Native American women who suffer disproportionate levels of rape and other sexual abuse.

      MALAYSIA: Racial Divisions Sharper After 50 Years
      Baradan Kuppusamy
      Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia celebrates, this August, 50 years of independence under the slogan "one legacy, one destiny," reiterated through posters in public places depicting representatives of various races happily holding hands and walking into the sunset.

      GUATEMALA: 1,200 Letters Against Genocide
      Inés Benítez
      GUATEMALA CITY - Guatemala's attorney general received 1,200 letters from people in 23 countries urging him to speed up the cases against former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt and other military officers accused of genocide and crimes against humanity.

      CANADA: Native Land Deals Get Mixed Reaction
      Am Johal
      VANCOUVER - The costly British Columbia land claims negotiations between the government and native peoples, which have garnered few victories over many years, seems to be finally achieving results.

      JAPAN: A Reawakening of Neglected Island Cultures
      Suvendrini Kakuchi
      TOKYO - After decades of cold neglect, the distinct and intricate cultures of the tiny islands that surround the archipelago of Japan's four main islands have recently begun to gain public attention.

      COLOMBIA: Victims Speak Out and Demand Respect
      Helda Martínez
      BOGOTÁ - "One encounter, many paths: united against forgetting," the placards read, as 3,500 victims of the civil war in Colombia demand recognition and respect, from the authorities and society.

      Guyana's 1905 Rebellion - Nigel Westmaas

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