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Jon the Moderator still unavailable and Update

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  • Jon - Budmart.co.uk
    Hello Everyone I am still out of action for the time being, i have managed to save about 2/3 of my files so far and just have the remainder to go, once i have
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2007
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      Hello Everyone
      I am still out of action for the time being, i have managed to save about 2/3 of my files so far and just have the remainder to go, once i have saved them all i will get a new HD and be back in action which i hope to be next Month.
      I have been using my local Library for Internet access but it has been going down constantly so this is the first time i have been online since Wednesday as it has been down everytime i have gone to the Library until today so i have several hundred messages to go through so will be a while catching up.
      Please still feel free to contact me as i am still around although not online as much but i will get back to you when i am able to.
      Please keep an eye out for any Spam as i am not on daily to monitor them.
      One interesting thing i can add is that i visited the National Archives last week and further updated my Ship passenger and B.R. listings and had a look at some of the latter Government Gazettes for Guyana covering the 1960's/70's in the hope i might find mention of my own Grandparents in the transports notices.
      I may have a idea regarding "C.R." as someone asked me a while ago, i have a feeling though i am yet to confirm it that it may stand for "Creole Register" and refers to (Douglah people) the Children born to a East Indian Parent and a local African Parent.
      I think this may be so as there are not many listed with a C.R. number and a few seem to have English names as opposed to Indian names and some are mentioned as being Natives or as Creoles.
      I haven't had confirmation but hope to be able to do so one day as in the case of "B.R.".
      I still do not know what "R of S" and "R of D" means which are also common in notices and on Emigrant passes.
      I also came across a interesting bit of information regarding Emigration in 1917, that it was being suspended for the time being as they needed the Ships for the War effort.
      I have previously posted messages about the usage of these Ships as Troop carriers, quite a few were sunk by German U-Boats and Emigration was not suspended previously despite the threat of being sunk by the Germans who had declared all British Shipping as targets.
      I just recently watched a Program on the "Lusitania" which highlighted a few things that i had not been previously been made aware off as i had always thought it to have been deliberately targeted by the Germans to cause maximum carnage but it seems otherwise but the point i wish to mention is that Passengers were made aware of threats by the Germans before deciding to depart and wondered if the Jahajis were also made aware of these threats before departing, probably not !
      I also have the 1911 Census East Indian population estimate for Guyana which is of interest.
      I hope to be able to pass on a few more details once i am back in business.
      Speak to you soon.

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