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Nostalgia - Pupil Teachers' Examinations 1943

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  • Police Constable Colin Ross
    Dear all, I posted the listing of Pupil Teachers who passed the Teachers Certificate Examination and Teachers Needlework Certificate Examination, August
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2007
      Dear all,

      I posted  the listing of Pupil Teachers who passed the Teachers' Certificate Examination and Teachers' Needlework Certificate Examination, August 1943, as was published on page eight in  The Daily Chronicle, issued on Tuesday, December 7, 1943.

      I believe you will find the listing informative and useful in the pursuit of your endeavors – particularly for folks seeking -   genealogical, historical and /or biographical data.


      Those of us, who can recall events of the last quarter century of colonialism in British Guiana – may find these articles - nostalgic . I am positive a number of the primary School mentioned in the pieces has been eradicated from the school system in Guyana. These articles of the  schoolteachers of 1943 paint an image that is not a pleasant one indeed for me.  It reflects the social and the political nature commonplace in that society in that era. They remind me of the sexism the females endured. It seems this period ushered in a great many indo-Guyanese Schoolteachers.





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