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  • brian deLima
    Feb 2, 2007
      Thanks a million for your help in finding and sending info for me. I am sure it takes a lot of time to sift through all the files. You must truly like what you are doing as you help so many people with no reward.  Eventually your site will become more popular as more transplanted Guyanese dig for their roots.
      The Guyana Defence Force has a web-site but it begins in 1965 when the current force was formed with no mention of what came before. www.gdf-gy.org 


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      Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 06:55:45 -0800
      Subject: RE: [guyanese_genealogy] Re: World War One - Guyanese killed in action

      Hello Brian
      I visited the Archives last week and again yesterday and had a look for any mention of Private Gooding.
      I have found some details but unfortunately not much as the WO364 Series did not contain any Documentation as i was hoping for (contains some B.W.I.R. Records but not many) but i did find a mention of Private Gooding last week and had a look yesterday for any more details anywhere else that i hadn't considered but did not find any more though i plan to look up a few more papers on the British Guiana Contingency next time which may mention something.
      I can't remember off the top of my head what i found, his Mother's or Wife's Name i think and maybe a Address, i will check my notes and get back to you next week.
      Speak to you soon.

      brian deLima <briandelima@ hotmail.com> wrote:

      Thanks for the kind offer to let me know if you came across any info on private Lawrence Gooding.
      Take care.....I will be sure to check your site often...

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      Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 17:15:52 -0800
      Subject: RE: [guyanese_genealogy ] Re: World War One - Guyanese killed in action

      Hello Brian
      Sorry for the delay in getting back, i wished i was more prompt this time !
      I have fell behind a bit with the Holidays but am starting to get through my Messages at last !
      Your Grandfather was Private Lawrence Gooding of the British West Indies Regiment, 121 was his Regimental Number.
      He would have enlisted either at the end of 1915 or in 1916 and would have served either in France, Africa or the Middle East.
      I don't specifically remember that Surname but i did look through over 16,000 Names so it would have been on the Rolls, they gave the Battalion Number, Country of origin and some entries mentioned a Address and next of Kin.
      Unfortunately none of the B.W.I.R. Records from the "Burnt" Series survived so there are no service Records available but some of the discharge papers did survive so if his Name is there it may appear at reference WO 364/1380 at the National Archives in England.
      The next time i am there i can have a look and see if he is there and if i find anything i will pass any details on to you.
      I have done a lot of research on my own Family Tree but have also hit a few "Brick walls" as well as details dry up a bit before the introduction of Civil Registration.
      The furthest i have got back at present in all lines is 1791, when my Great Great Great Great Grandfather Thomas Bennington was born, i am hoping to get in touch with two very distant Cousins who have got as far back as 1706 but if i can't i am hoping to find the same details they may have found that will take me there, i am confident i will find the needed information in the Parish Register transcriptions that are held in my local Reference Library, if not in another Library about 30 Miles away, they being the only two Libraries in my County that hold the Records.
      The more we go back the more lines we discover so i have many branches that i have yet to study further, at the moment i have the Surnames but haven't had time to trace them further.
      The problem with Genealogy is that it is addictive LOL, whatever we discover is never good enough as we wish to go as far back as we can but in reality there is only so far we can go back as Records prior to the early 19th Century are sketchy and many people were not recorded in any way as it wasn't compulsory back then.
      I hope you found the sites of interest, there aren't many sites on the B.W.I.R. and not many Records regarding them survived so every piece of information helps.
      Thanks for the kind comments, i will let you know if i come across anything on Private Lawrence Gooding.

      brian deLima <briandelima@ hotmail.com> wrote:
      Hello ....thanks for your prompt reply.Never expected one so quickly.My grandfather' s name was Lawrence Gooding. I saw his medal document on the site I posted, he was in regiment 121.You have done quite a bit of research on your family's history.
      Thanks again and I will be sure to check out those sites you gave me.
      Keep up the good work.

      To: guyanese_genealogy@ yahoogroups. com
      From: budmartuk@yahoo. com
      Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 09:12:36 -0800
      Subject: Re: [guyanese_genealogy ] Re: World War One - Guyanese killed in action

      Hello Brian
      It is a very interesting period and one i have researched intensively.
      I did not have any Ancestors involved on my Father's (Guyanese) side but had a few Ancestors/Relatives involved on my Mother's (Irish) side.
      My Mother's Grandfathers were both involved and so were their Brothers, one of her Grandfathers was English and for years it had been a mystery on how he ended up in Ireland but i have since solved the mystery and have viewed his Army Records of which there are quite a lot as he was in quite a lot of trouble, even being served Court Martial papers !
      He was in the Norfolk Regiment and then ran away and joined the Navy he was a Corporal but ran away just as they were about to promote him to Sergeant, he became a Petty Officer in the Navy, my Grandfather (his Son) went one better in WW2 becoming a Chief Petty Officer.
      He was in Ireland because the Norfolks were based there in August 1914, while he was on the run he met and married my Great-Grandmother in Belfast.
      He had suffered leg injuries and a head wound while serving in France, a Officer's Report believed he had suffered a Brain injury from his wounds !
      One of his Brothers served in the Norfolks and then the Border Regiment but was sadly killed in action in 1915 at Ypres, Belgium, his remains have never been found, another Brother also served with the Norfolk Regiment.
      My Irish Great-Grandfather was in the Royal Irish Fusilliers and was injured in both arms and legs whilst in France, his two Brothers served in the Royal Irish Rifles.
      Going back to the British West Indies Regiment, they suffered about 150 Casualties out of 16,000 men, over 14,000 came from Jamaica alone with around 700 from Guyana.
      I have since added a lot more Names to my Casualty list but haven't worked on it for a while, once i sort it a bit i will update my old list.
      There are a few sites that cover the Regiment, survivors and those who died, try :
      A lot of those who survived who came from Jamaica never returned home as they either stayed on in Britain or were exiled in Cuba, Panama or Venezuela by the Jamaican Authorities who refused to let them back in as they expected trouble from a large group of trained Soldiers.
      What was your Grandfather' s Name ?
      I may have came across his details as i have viewed the actual Medal and Regimental Rolls and other Documentation, Discharge papers etc. for the B.W.I.R.
      Again a very interesting period as many of our Ancestors were involved one way or another.

      edgyveggie2001 <briandelima@ hotmail.com> wrote:
      --- In guyanese_genealogy@ yahoogroups. com, "Jon - Budmart.co.uk"
      <budmartuk@. ..> wrote:
      Hello all,
      I am new to this group and find it quite interesting. My grandfather
      was in the WW1,any ideas on sites that could give some info on the
      survivors? I found a little on the site below but not much.
      http://www.national archives. gov.uk/documents online/
      > Hello Everyone
      > Did you have any Ancestors who went off to War in the First
      World War, 1914 to 1918 ?
      > Here is a list of the British Guiana Contingency Soldiers of the
      British West Indies Regiment who were killed in action :
      > ABBOTT, Adolphus Sandon Sydney - Demerara
      > BOWHILL, James Sholto - British Guiana
      > BYNOE, Cecil Vere - Georgetown
      > FIELD, William Hooton - Demerara
      > HUNTE, Thomas William - Georgetown
      > MAYERS, Briggs - Demerara
      > MOORE, Theophilis Alexandra - Demerara
      > RICKFORD, Walter - Demerara
      > SHANKLAND, Charles Raymond - Essequibo
      > SHERINGTON, Robert Arthur - Georgetown
      > THORNHILL, John Oswald - Georgetown
      > You might spot a few Names in the list, they are some of the
      Casualties of the 16,000 West Indians who were sent to Europe during
      World War One.
      > Regards
      > Jon
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