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942200 years commemoration of the abolition of the Slave trade

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  • Jon - Budmart.co.uk
    Dec 4, 2006
      Hello Everyone
      Next year will be a major year for Guyanese and Caribbean History.
      2007 will commemorate the ending of the Slave trade (note the Slave trade not Slavery which ended in 1834 in British Colonies) in 1807.
      BBC Caribbean are asking for the Public's views on Tony Blair's (British Prime Minister) recent apology for Britain's involvement in the Slave trade.
      The Slave trade and the Indentured system which followed were one of worst cases of inhumanity in History where Millions were sent into forced Labour to provide enormous profits for a number of European Nations.
      Much of the infrastruture, wealth and position of those Countries today are all part of the legacy of Slavery, the profits paid for the building and establishment of many of the Cities across western Europe.
      Much of London for example was built on these proceeds and other Cities such as Liverpool and Bristol were founded by Slave traders.
      Personally i think a apology should be made but the one offered was nothing more than a token apology, one that does not address or make any sincere atonement for crimes against Humanity.
      Have a look and add your comments if you wish to.

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