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852GUYANA Election Results-2006 Updates:

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  • Derryck S. Griffith
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Aug 31-2006:
      Guyana Election Results-2006:

      FROM: deandra2000gy@...
      AFC ........5
      GAP/Roar... 1
      PNC/1G ......22
      PPP/C ......36
      TUF ........1

      At this time, the complete results of the elections are not yet
      processed. Election officials claim that they will not be rushed into
      anything. Because the process takes time, and patience would be

      However, all signs indicate that the ruling PPP/Civic Party is in the
      lead in most regions. This also seem to suggest that it was business
      as usual, or 'voting by ethnicity' that was repeated once again.

      A stark reminder that Guyanese are still harboring strong ethnic
      preferences when it comes to electing political representatives.

      This should come as no surprise to those who have been following the
      political climate in Guyana since it's Independence in 1966.

      However, I sincerely hope that all parties involved in this election,
      and the general commonweal, would work with the political
      administration on policies that will improve the lot of all Guyanese.

      And against those policies that seem to favor any Ethnic group,
      political affiliates, and supporters.

      Om Shanti.
      Derryck S. Griffith.
      Educator-Advocate & Blogger.
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