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755Re: [guyanese_genealogy] Re: New member's posting - try the PLE

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  • Sancho of Nabaclis
    Jun 19 3:57 AM
      The census are simply break down of statistics. It displays the number of population by ethnicity, age, and Location. If you need to access folks by their names try the PLE, which the political parties are arguing about. It is the most useful tool currently available to genealogists. It is found at GEDCOM website.

      Joanne <jcsmitty1212@...> wrote:
      --- In guyanese_genealogy@ yahoogroups. com, Quietgrl80@. .. wrote:
      > Is there a website or addresss I can write to get census records
      > Guyana.

      The census I was referring to was the U.S. census in New York of 1950.

      I'm not sure what years you are looking for in Guyana, but according to
      the Google I just did for Guyana and census, the New York Public
      Library has incomplete holdings for 1827-1931 (Call #ZAN-T4817 Lal)as
      well as some later years. I don't know if they will lend this film out
      to libraries elsewhere or if certain geneaological libraries might
      carry it. You might want to check out the NYPL online to see if they
      can help.

      The Family History Libary Catalog did not have any censuses for Guyana
      listed, but they do have other holdings such as vital statistics. Try
      FamilySearch. org and click on the catalog above the home page. Type in
      Guyana for holdings on that location.


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