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729Bits from the Wesleyan Missionary Society in Demerara 1818-1836

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  • Sancho
    Jun 1, 2006
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      Missionaries attached to the Wesleyan Missionary Society were resident in Demerara, prior to 1818. The report of the Wesleyan Missionary Society for the year ending April, 1817, informs us Demerara was a member of St. Vincent's District. The report listed Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago among that district. The chairman of the district, George Bellamy, and Matthew M. Thackrah resided in Demerara. Interesting enough the report pointed out Rev. Mortier's letter to the Wesleyans suggested the total number of the congregation in Demerara was 1170 souls including 10 whites and 1160 blacks and Colored. The report mentions neither John Wray nor John Smith. The representatives of the London Missionary Society were not identified in the reports.

      1828 William Fidler and Thomas Lofthouse are the representatives of the Wesleyan Missionary Society in Guyana. The congregation is listed as totaling 2541 persons. There were 17 whites, 261 freed, and 2263 slaves.

      1829 the representatives were Rayner, Lofthouse and Vigis. Attendance figures 2,744 persons. There were 17 whites, 284 freed, and 2443 slaves.   Georgetown, Glazer's, Mahaica and Mahaicony are listed as the circuits.  Reverend Jonathan Edmonson was then in Demerara. Lofthouse was at Mahaica. D. S. Gravesend, Esq., Mr. J. Gravesend, and Miss C. Gravesend were the stand out names.

      1836 on page D. S. Gravesande, Esq.,  Rev. Biggs and Ranyell are listed for Mahaica. Apprenticed Labourers donated three pounds and eight Shillings Sterling collected by Captain Benny for the Wesleyan Fund Rev. J. Mortier for Georgetown, and the Rev. R. Hornabrook for Kingston.

      Hornabrook and Branstone represented Georgetown Demerara, Mahaica Demerara was represented by Fidler, Biggs and Richards

      Jonathan Edmonson was the Chairman of the Jamaica district.



      Guyanese historians do not articulate the fact the Wesleyan Missionary Society was present in Guyana during the major upheavals of the nineteenth century.

      I am interested in Jonathan Edmonson, and Leonard Strong being resident in Nabaclis during 1834. Do you have any idea where is Glazer's?

      M'lilwana Osanku
      Long Live Bentick Sancho, an Unsung Hero, and a founding father of Golden Grove-Nabaclis Village District.The living must be cognizant of the lives and times of their ancestors and kinship, and be prepared to tell their story, with little or no urging. In so doing, future representatives will be made aware that the trail had been blazed for them. Thus it is up to them to tear down the remaining barriers.