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725Re: [guyanese_genealogy] Politics In Guyana & Trinidad-2006: Not relevant here on this forum!

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  • Jon - Budmart.co.uk
    May 24, 2006
      Hello Rudy
      No problem, nothing to worry about, your Message was fine.
      Most likely your Indian Ancestors came from the United Provinces of Northern India which today is the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh or from the neighbouring State of Bihar.
      If you have any Madrasee roots then also from Southern India but there were no Indians brought from Sri Lanka.
      Your Chinese Ancestors would have came from the Chinese Province of Canton which today is known as Guangdong or possibly from Hong Kong.
      I don't think you might be related to Vijaya Ramdhan as Essequibo is a distance from WCB and most people of Indian origin still live in or near to the place where their Ancestors were Indentured.
      Ramdhan can be a common Name and is possibly the same as Ramdhin/Ramdin/Ramdeen or Ramadhin/Ramadin/Ramadeen and is of Uttar Pradesh/Bihar origin.

      Rudolph Jaeranny <jrjtechcorp@...> wrote:
      Hi All:
      First of all, please accept my apologies for breaking the rules. I love my people, this love is not based on colour or creed. When someone says Om Shanti, I feel this means pure love. This is how I greet Vijay Ramdhan (BK). She got my grandmother's last name. I asked her if we are related. She said she don't know. She hails from No 1 Canal,Essequibo. I am from Cotton Tree Village. West Coast Berbice. I don't know where my roots are. I  heard they say my great grandfather (mother side) is Matadin but went back. Maybe India or Sri Lanka. Fathers side , Great grandfather is Bedesee and great Grandmother Chinese descent. They lived in Edinburgh, Berbice.
      Again, please accept my apology.
      All in all I just don't know where I come from.

      Sancho of Nabaclis <childrenofsancho@...> wrote:
      Hello Rudy,
      My thinking is I am sure most of us would prefer Derryck would consider the purpose of this forum and adhere to such. I am cognizant we are humans and understanding the role politics play in our livelihood is a human concern. However, this forum is neither for discussing matters of political concerns nor that of religious dogma. I can understand expressions of humanitarian events. I must state I would be delighted when Derryck understand that his behavior is irrelevant on this forum. Contributions of a genealogical and biographical nature would be most welcomed. For example the politics of Burnham is not relevant here. However, discussing his heritage is.
      Mr. Griffith ought to realize there are folks on this forum who don’t give a dam about politics in Guyana . They did not join this forum to receive such in their inbox. It has no place, no relevance to them. I wish Mr. Griffith would desist from such practices, immediately.
      I believe Mr. Griffith has much to offer. It is unfortunate that he continues to ignore our purpose here on this forum. I sent him invitations to join other forums where his opinions would be relevant and dissected by those who care to do so.
      I would love for him to enlighten me concerning the Griffith heritage, especially that of Miss Griffith the wife of Dr. Claude Denbow president of the British Guiana League of the Coloured People. I believe the wedding took place in St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Enmore. I will have to look it up. I am wondering where that Miss Griffith’s ancestry resided. I suspect one of those East Coast Villages, between Buxton and Belfield.
      Again I thank you for your comments. They were appreciated.

      Rudolph Jaeranny <jrjtechcorp@...> wrote:
      Can someone tell me who is this character Derryck. He seems to be very weird with a one track mind. He is playing God to judge people.

      Neville Quelch <nunicorng@...> wrote:
      Hello Derryck:
      I believe that the site you need is: 

      ----- Original Message ----
      From: derryck_sylvester <derryck@...>
      To: guyanese_genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 7:28:45 PM
      Subject: [guyanese_genealogy] Politics In Guyana & Trinidad-2006:

      May 23-2006:

                POLITICS IN GUYANA & TRINIDAD-2006:

      "Those who cry for Sash Sawh should read about Panday

      No event in the world right now in politics, in any corner of the
      globe, could more vividly be an example of opposites in culture than
      Trinidad and Guyana .

      In Trinidad , a man who had been Prime Minister just three years ago
      will have to do two years' jail with hard labour. What this means is
      that Mr. Panday will have to serve on the road gang breaking stones
      or doing repair work on public infrastructure.

      The hard labour penalty may kill Mr. Panday because he had by-pass
      surgery a few years ago and he is in his seventies. Now here is the
      part that should shock every Guyanese in whichever part of  the world
      they live. Mr. Panday was jailed for making a false declaration to
      the Integrity Commission. In Guyana , the Opposition Leader has taken
      the Government of Guyana to court for failing to consult him on the
      composition of the Integrity Commission which is required under the

      How frighteningly different is Guyana from Trinidad.

      Mr. Panday was jailed for lying to the Integrity Commission. In
      Guyana, citizens do not know anything about the Integrity Commission.
      Last year the head of that body was Mrs. Gajraj, the wife of a
      serving Cabinet Minister.  Without making a comment on Mrs. Gajraj,
      this was an example of conflict of interest. Mrs. Gajraj at the same
      time was also the secretary of a religious organisation headed by
      another Cabinet Minister, Mr. Reepu Daman Persaud.

      Now it is quite clear that Ministers Gajraj and Persaud cannot be
      blamed for having someone they know head the Integrity Commission.
      Mrs. Gajraj herself  cannot be held in question. But justice must not
      only be done but seen to be done. Because of religious and marital
      associations, the Government should not have appointed Mrs. Gajraj as
      head of the Integrity Commission if only for one reason - people will
      question her appointment given those connections.

      Even if the constitution stipulates that the President must consult
      the Leader of the Opposition, the President should not be the person
      to make the selections. Many observers believe that the present
      Commissioners do not represent the totality of the Guyanese society.

      I did an article last week on how I feel about the Panday case. I
      believe that on the evidence presented he should have been reed.But I
      did say in that essay that it strains the imagination to breaking
      point to think that, as Prime Minister, Mr. Panday did not know that
      Trinidad's richest citizen presented enormous sums of money to his
      two daughters. Mr. Panday is facing more charges in relation to
      corruption surrounding the new airport.

      There is certainly more headaches for him that will test the vitality
      of his defective heart. I hope sincerely that his health holds up. My
      honest feeling about the verdict is that I accept it. I think the
      magistrate was right to jail Basdeo Panday. The imprisonment of
      Panday marks the end of an era in Trinidad and the  beginning of a
      new one for CARICOM. It is highly questionable that his United
      National Congress will return to power in the foreseeable future.

      The Panday Government was a corrupt institution. But most of all, his
      tenure in Government symbolised the failure of East Indian political
      leadership in the English-speaking Caribbean . Nowhere is that
      failure more pronounced than in Guyana. This raises an important
      academic question that Caribbean scholars ought to pursue - is there
      a sociological and cultural impediment to successful Indian
      leadership in politics in the West Indies ?

      For me the answer is yes. It is outside the scope of a newspaper
      column to offer a thesis on the subject, but the evolution of the
      East Indians in Guyana and the cultural institutions that served
      their existence in Guyana and Trinidad did not prepare them for
      political leadership. Caribbean East Indian politics emerged
      essentially as a protest movement. In Guyana and Trinidad East Indian
      leadership lacked any of the political requirements to run a
      government. In Guyana , the situation at the moment is near disaster.

      The essential weakness in Caribbean Indian political leadership is
      the transfer of the business ethic to the administration of
      government. Herein lies the reason for unprecedented corruption.  A
      comparison with Caribbean Africans is useful here. And one has to go
      back to post-slavery sociology of the Caribbean Africans to
      understand their approach to nationalism. The quintessential
      difference between Caribbean East Indians and Caribbean Africans lies
      in their respective approach to nationalism.African-Guyanese
      sees the state as an institution that was left to them by the
      colonials for them to inherit.

      The way the East Indians emerged on the plantation, they never
      developed an emotional attachment to the state. The East Indians came
      and were supposed to leave after their contracts were  over. This
      prevented a psychological attachment to the state. On the other hand,
      Africans saw their liberation in the state. Herein lies the reason
      for the culture of corruption among East Indian political leadership
      in the Caribbean .

      These are just brief notes but they will have to suffice, given the
      limited space here. Nowhere in the Caribbean is the corruptibility of
      the state more manifest than in Guyana today. It is no exaggeration
      to say that present day Guyana has seen the most voracious types of
      financial corruptibility in the history of the independent Caribbean .

      The state is just being fed off by those who are legally in control
      of  it. The state in Guyana has been reduced to a pie and it is being
      divided up by the ruling political class, their immediate family
      members, relatives and party colleagues. It is corruption gone out of
      control. We grew up hearing tall stories of corruption under the
      Forbes Burnham regime.

      Then under divestment during the Hoyte administration, rumours turned
      into facts about the selling off of state properties. Under the
      present system, corruption has reached prodigious levels that
      threaten the image of the CARICOM group of nations. Guyana today has
      become an international embarrassment even more so now than a former
      corrupt Prime Minister of the leading CARCOM nation has being jailed.

      In Guyana , those who see the Sash Sawh assassination as marking a
      further decline of our democracy must also understand that what
      Basdeo Panday was convicted of in Trinidad is just a drop in the
      ocean of what takes place among the political directors of Guyana .

      Most frightening is the knowledge that these people will never be
      prosecuted, only if the government changes as in Trinidad .

      That day will come soon."


      In the end-Justice will be served to all who violate the laws!


      The political vultures that administer the state of Guyana will
      eventually implode upon themselves. They may escape legal
      jurisprudence in our local courts for their crimes. But in time
      justice will be done. Either to them while they are still alive, or
      the confiscating of all properties that their relatives inherit,
      after they are long gone.

      Trust me, no corrupt government stays in power for ever. Their own
      acolytes eventually remove them, if they feel manipulated and

      I sincerely hope that all Guyanese at home and abroad sees this
      article, and take note of the legal process and justice that was
      served in a Caribbean Court, for a corrupt politician and national

      Om Shanti.

      No one escapes the iniversal Karmic Laws or Cause & Effect.  We all
      have to pay for our deeds. Both Good and Bad.  If not in this
      physical life personally.

      Then our offspring or descendents will pay for us!

      Derryck S. Griffith.
      Educator-Advocate & Blogger.



      Eternal Blessings, Love, Peace, Power & Unity
      M'lilwana Osanku - Sancho of Nabaclis.
      Researching - Sancho, Campbell, Young (Younge), Solomon, Ross & Martin - Families of Guyana.
      History of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District, East Sea Coast Demerara, Guyana.
      "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." The Most Honourable Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) People's Power Forever Vote AFC Tme for Change - down with ethnic politics -

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