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690AFC's Action Plan for Crime

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  • jebratt
    May 10, 2006
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      I recently came across this on their website and must admit that I
      wholeheartedly support most of these initiatives... I believe that one
      of the biggest problems that the AFC has is that they are not getting
      their message out to the people and as such, we need help promote them
      and get people at least talking about their plans for crime... I will
      do what I can to post this on various other Guyanese sites but I
      believe that if we are all motivated by a common desire to see change
      in Guyana that we can come up with more ideas on how to "unofficially"
      work with the AFC...

      The AFC believes that Guyana has sufficient ranks within the police
      force for Guyana's population size to deal with crime (I take this to
      mean that they will not seek to bring in outside assistance such as in
      Trinidad - something that I believe should be considered because of
      the severity of the situation in Guyana).

      The AFC suggests that most of the police force are "bogged down"
      performing administrative duties that could be contracted out to
      independent agencies through a series of transparent bidding or
      transferred to other Government Agencies which will free police
      officers to fight crime and the drug trade...

      The AFC proposes to increase the salary for police and military
      personal by 50% over a three year period starting with 20% in year 1
      (2006) and 30% by July 2009. (this is a great idea since I have been
      informed that the police in Guyana do not earn sufficient wages and as
      such, some have been easily tempted to take bribes !!)

      The AFC supports the development of an amnesty programme for the
      surrender of illegal weapons which will be backed by "buy-back" and
      similar schemes, and the introduction of draconian legislation denying
      bail to persons found in possession of illegal firearms, and
      increasing the term of imprisonment from 1 year to 3 years mandatory
      upon conviction. In addition, licensing procedures will be
      responsible, transparent and open...(I am all for tougher sentences
      and harsher penalties to combat crime in Guyana).

      Appointment of a Special Crime Unit (SCU) comprising of GDF and GPF
      personnel and to be headed by a GDF officer on secondment and based in
      Camp Ayangana.

      Appointment of a Drug Enforcement Chief to coordinate and execute drug
      enforcement policy and programme only and to implement in tandem with
      the assistance of the DEA and other supporting securty forces.

      The AFC proposes to furnish police with the tools to fight crimes
      including weapons, mobile communications, transportation, a forensic
      labortatory, fingerprint / criminal behavioral database, weaponry and
      other necessary material.

      International support to police and law enforcement in investigating
      homicides, narco-trafficking, gun smuggling, and other serious crimes.
      International agencies wil provide technical assistance and training
      in 21rst century crime fighting techniques including intelligence
      gathering and prosecution, and training to deal with the victims of
      crimes involving violence againist women and children (very important
      and often overlooked in my opinion !!).

      The AFC wants to introdcuce legislation to legitimise and regulate
      Community Policing and the formation of Citizens Protection Units
      (CPU's) in keeping with the best practices in North America and Europe.

      The AFC wants to appoint Special Prosecutors and Magistrates for
      selected categories and offences (I agree with this too !!).

      The AFC plans to complete the implementation of recommendations of the
      Disciplined Forces Commission, Symonds Group Report and CARICOM Task
      Force on Crime & Security Report

      The AFC wants to construct a modern prison within 3 years of taking
      office and laso new appropriate and humane facilities for women and
      children, and re-designate the Camp Street jail as a remand centre.

      I hope that helps clarify some of their positions on crime and the
      drug trade in Guyana... I support most of their ideas and the only
      real concern that I have is how they will pay for such programs but at
      least, they have proven to be rather forward-thinking in their
      approach and I do believe that Guyana does have the resources
      available to offset some of the costs...
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