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556Re: [guyanese_genealogy] Burnham - Caribbean Man of the Century - enough with the madness, please

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  • roger moore
    Mar 2, 2006
      First of all the Waddle Commission said that 3 people died in Wisma. Is that a massacre? I hardly think so; and that was after he murder of 46 persons on the MV Carr.Dam Hypocrites. The Jagans and Jagdeo are the ones like Pol Pot, with the crime wave that they allowed to their benifit to occur; not Burnham.

      "Jon - Budmart.co.uk" <budmartuk@...> wrote:
      Hello Sancho
      If Burnham is Caribbean man of the Century then Asian man of the Century must be Pol Pot, African man of the Century Idi Amin and European man of the Century Adolf Hitler !
      Burnham was the Devil's Disciple, what he was responsible for at Mackenzie can never be forgotten !

      Sancho of Nabaclis <childrenofsancho@...> wrote:
      I made an effort to be objective and open minded in the effort to read Halim Majeed’s literature, “Forbes Burnham: National Reconciliation And National Unity, 1984-1985?
      I found it a most difficult exercise.  I simply could not get by the seventhteenth page.  My tolerance was simply; exhausted.  Although I love reading his articles, I did not read the five-page forward written by Dr. Aubrey Bonnett.  I attempted to test my ability to assess repressive forces that I personally suffered, as explained by their advisor.  However, I fond it a rather overwhelming task ?like attempting to fetch water in a basket.  I prefer reading John Gladstone after all that oppressor is European and clearly defined enemy of the people.  I must say Sam Sharp, and Paul Bogle ?adopted the right attitudes when dealing with folks such as Burnham.  Just look at the Africans in Jamaica and their attempts at self-emancipation.
      I do not know what is truthful and what is not honest in the book.  I would careless.  I noted one paragraph mentioning my hero, Dr. Walter Rodney that did for me.  Is Eusi Kwayana mentioned in the book?  Can you share with me?
      Any enlightening take you may have accessed
      What are your opinions of this exposure of the shenanigans of Burnham and Jagan and their platforms PNC and PPP, after the assassination of Walter Rodney?
      An online poll conducted a few years ago in the region he was declared “Caribbean Man of the Century.?lt;/FONT>
      I managed to read the following;
      I understood at some point between 1942 and 1945, Burnham, taught T. Anson Sancho at Queen’s College.  Thus,  the only note I appreciated is that Burnham taught Fred Wills (one of my heroes)Shridath Ramphal, Rashleigh Jackson, Bryn Pollard and Keith Massiah.(Majeed : 2)
      President Burnham’s achievements will certainly withstand the test of any scrutiny.  They are secured in the midst of external aggression and destabilization, and internal turmoil.  Territorial threats came from the eastern and western fronts; the purveyors of the old order campaigned strenuously to halt the march of national development, and the political opposition at home played havoc with the foundations of the national economy.  It is little wonder, therefore, that in an online poll conducted a few years ago in the region he was declared “Caribbean Man of the Century.?lt;/FONT>
      New historians and historiographers, as separate from mythmakers, poison-pen scribblers and charlatans, will one day objectively examine his contributions to national, regional, and international developments and record his successes ?and his shortcomings.  For, after all, he was human.  But his place in history is Secure and future generations of Guyanese will one day study him from a qualitatively different standpoint - as the formidable intellectual, resolute leader, and shrewd statesman that he was.  (Majeed: 16 & 17)
      In 1979, the outstanding Guyanese historian, intellectual and political co-leader of the Working People’s Alliance , Dr. Walter Rodney, articulated the concept of a Government of National Unity and Reconstruction, with the exclusion of the People’s National Congress.  This scenario too did not come to actualization.  (Majeed: 31 & 32)

      Eternal Blessings, Love, Peace, Power & Unity
      M'lilwana Osanku - Sancho of Nabaclis.
      Researching - Sancho, Campbell, Young (Younge), Solomon, Ross & Martin - Families of Guyana.
      History of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District, East Sea Coast Demerara, Guyana.
      "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." The Most Honourable Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) People's Power Forever Vote AFC Tme for Change - down with ethnic politics -

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