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394Geneology for African-Americans

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  • Mlilwana Osanku
    Dec 7, 2005
      Geneology for African-Americanshttp://www.rootsandrooted.org/geneology.htm

      African American Cemeteries Online
      African American Family Trees
      Afro-American Genealogical Research
      African American Genealogy Group
      African Burial Sites in New York
      Association of People of African Ancestry
      Africa Information Center
      African Americans - Black Indians In American West History
      Black Seminole Town
      Black Studies Select catalog of National Archives and Records
      Administration microfilm publications for Freedman's Bureau records
      Black Resistance to Slavery
      Black Indians & Intertribal Native American Association
      Celebrating the Estelusti ~ The Freedmen & Oklahoma's Black Indians
      Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
      Cyndi's List - African-American
      Chronology of the Dutch Possessions in AFRICA 1600 - 1850
      Census Finder (Records for U.S., Canada, Norway, United Kingdom)
      Dread History: Garveyism, Ethiopianism, and Rastafari
      Enslavement Resources Finding Roots in Nigeria
      Freedman's Bureau Online
      Handook of Texas: Black Seminole Indians National Archives and Records
      Naana Kabuki. Ghanian Slave Castles
      Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture
      Tracing Your Roots Through DNA
      The Mormon View of Intermarrying with those of African Descent