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277Re: [guyanese_genealogy] J J Quelch

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  • Sancho of Nabaclis
    Jun 23, 2005
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      Hello everybody,
      I saw those books listed in the catalouge at NYPL. Neville why did you mentioned it? I am not certain whether I looked up Quelch in the Who is who in BG 1945-48.....

      "Jon - Budmart.co.uk" <budmartuk@...> wrote:
      Hello Neville and everyone
      I have looked into John Joseph Quelch your Grandfather for you.
      He was a well known Botanist/Zoologist/Geologist of his time.
      He wrote a number of books and papers including :
      Journey to Summit of Roraima, 1895 and
      Animal Life in British Guiana, 1910.
      He did study the Amerindian Tribes and was responsible for most of the exhibits at the Guyana and Walter Roth Museums.
      A lot of his exhibits are also at the American Natural History Museum.
      I have included a picture of your Grandfather as a attachment.
      Just like his trail, i haven't been able to find anymore on him but there is bound to be plenty of information on him at the National Library or at the British Library.

      Neville Quelch <nquelch@...> wrote:
      My paternal grandfather was John J. Quelch.  He was a curator at the museum (his photograph hangs at the entrance).  He did tremendous work and found many native Guyanese tribes.  I don't know what else he did but the people at the museum become exuberant speaking about him.  Like I said, his trail completely vanished somewhere in the Atlantic.  My father never spoke about him and all we had is the museum.

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      M'lilwana Osanku
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      Golden Grove and Nabaclis, Guyana.

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