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206Re: [guyanese_genealogy] Neville

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  • Jon - Budmart.co.uk
    Jun 4, 2005
      Hello Alison
      I think we have spoken before at this Group or at another Gen. Group.
      You have brought up something which i had noticed but did not mention as i was waiting for any more information before i concluded my findings.
      However, seen as you have mentioned it, i will add a bit of detail.
      You mentioned that Cadeir may also be spelt as Kadir, this is true and is common with a lot of Indian and other names.
      The Clerks who recorded the names were often Europeans who weren't used to Indian names and so recorded them down as they sounded, from this we get a number of corruptions which are in use today.
      My Surname for example has been spelt as Budhram, Budram, Boodhram, Boodram, Bhuduram, Bhoodooram and maybe countless other ways but in India from where it originated it is known as Buddha Ram.
      So Cadeir is more likely to be spelt as Kadir or Kadeer which are more similiar to the original source.
      This name is Muslim in origin, the Cadeirs most likely originated from the United Providences or Bihar Region of India or may have possibly came from the Punjab(includes part of modern day Pakistan).
      Other Muslims came from Afghanistan and from Bengal which includes modern day Bangladesh but they tended to have other Muslim names which are Regional.
      A lot of Indians also changed their names when they converted to Christianity or Anglicised their names to get by in a period of History where a name could make all the difference in where one got in life !
      Regarding your own Family History, Sue-A-Ling is another form of corrupted Surnames that are common in Guyana.
      This is Chinese in origin but can only be found in Guyana and nowhere in China where it will have a different spelling altogether.
      Other names similiar to this include Ching-A-Sue and Quan-A-Sue.
      Practically all the Chinese converted to Christianity a soon as they arrived and a few adopted Christian Surnames.
      Another example is the Muslim name Ally which is only found in the Caribbean, this is the same name as Ali which is the more common spelling found just about everywhere else.

      alison roberts <alisonroberts52013@...> wrote:
      Dear Kizzyann,
      Your family may have been named Kadir and there are some of those listed in the Guyana Telephone Directory.
      Also, an amazing thing happenned in the post independence period, a number of people started chnging their names back so you may find some with the name you seek. Good luck.
      To enter this conversation I am Beatrice Alison Roberts, married Austin. I am seeking information on my mother and father's genealogy.
      My father's mother was from St. Lucia, her family are the Cenacs, Gustav, Nicholas, Xavier and Alexander. On his father's side, was Sue-a-Ling or Sue Ling and they lived in Linden.
      My mother was Agatha Enid Quelch and my father Milton Roberts
      I am also trying to complete my family tree.

      kizzyann sam <kaas79@...> wrote:
      I'm sorry Neville i should not have placed the word race at the end of
      Mulatto, but the word Mulatto sometimes completely describes what a person
      would look like. My great grandfather as i was told had very pale complexion
      and it was difficult for anyone to know he had a drop of black blood in him
      unless that information was given to them . So by me saying Mulatto, members
      of the group i hope have a better understanding of the person i am looking
      for, if they were asking another individual instead of a paper trail.

      >From: Neville Quelch <nquelch@...>
      >Reply-To: guyanese_genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      >To: guyanese_genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [guyanese_genealogy] searching
      >Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 16:08:31 -0400 (EDT)
      >Hello All:
      >I have been reading all of the correspondence with great interest.  I am
      >not searching for my family but enjoying the way you all have put energy
      >and time in helping each other.  I have never before seen Guyanese working
      >together in a common cause since independence.  Obviously it takes
      >politicians to screw-up the works.  Please do not let any politicians in.
      >I have one comment to make to Kizzyann.  Mulatto is not a race.  The
      >Americans used a one percent rule that stated if a person had 1% Black
      >blood then the person is Black.  By using that rule, the various shades of
      >Black peoples have a common history.  If that history is taken away, then
      >the people termed mulatto would be without a history or place in the world.
      >  I certainly don't mind if some Blacks were called cocoa brown, peanut
      >brown,  etc.  At least they would be still be included as Blacks.
      >With respect,
      >Neville Quelch
      >"Jon - Budmart.co.uk" <budmartuk@...> wrote:
      >Hello Kizzyann
      >I will have a look and see what i can find out and get back to you in a few
      >days with any findings.
      >Speak to you soon.
      >kizzyasam <kaas79@...> wrote:
      >My name is Kizzyann sam I am searching for my mother's (Florence
      >Griffith) relatives.My mother was born in Bush Lot, Essequibo. All my
      >father's genealogy records are accounted for. All i have to track my
      >mother's side is very vage and almost non-exsistant, with names given
      >to her from my grandmother (Margaret Griffith) who was afraid my mother
      >would not be accepted into the family because of her skin color. My
      >grandmother's father came to Guyana,from Barbados and settled in the
      >pomeroon around early 1920'sor much earlier. His name was Griffith and
      >of the malatto race. My grandmother's mother family came from India
      >with the name...Cadeir... which the changed later to ....cadells... my
      >spelling of these names may be a bit off. I would really like to
      >reconect with this half of my family. If anyone has information i would
      >really appreciate it.
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