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  • kizzyann sam
    Jun 1 10:48 AM
      I'm sorry Neville i should not have placed the word race at the end of
      Mulatto, but the word Mulatto sometimes completely describes what a person
      would look like. My great grandfather as i was told had very pale complexion
      and it was difficult for anyone to know he had a drop of black blood in him
      unless that information was given to them . So by me saying Mulatto, members
      of the group i hope have a better understanding of the person i am looking
      for, if they were asking another individual instead of a paper trail.

      >From: Neville Quelch <nquelch@...>
      >Reply-To: guyanese_genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      >To: guyanese_genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [guyanese_genealogy] searching
      >Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 16:08:31 -0400 (EDT)
      >Hello All:
      >I have been reading all of the correspondence with great interest. I am
      >not searching for my family but enjoying the way you all have put energy
      >and time in helping each other. I have never before seen Guyanese working
      >together in a common cause since independence. Obviously it takes
      >politicians to screw-up the works. Please do not let any politicians in.
      >I have one comment to make to Kizzyann. Mulatto is not a race. The
      >Americans used a one percent rule that stated if a person had 1% Black
      >blood then the person is Black. By using that rule, the various shades of
      >Black peoples have a common history. If that history is taken away, then
      >the people termed mulatto would be without a history or place in the world.
      > I certainly don't mind if some Blacks were called cocoa brown, peanut
      >brown, etc. At least they would be still be included as Blacks.
      >With respect,
      >Neville Quelch
      >"Jon - Budmart.co.uk" <budmartuk@...> wrote:
      >Hello Kizzyann
      >I will have a look and see what i can find out and get back to you in a few
      >days with any findings.
      >Speak to you soon.
      >kizzyasam <kaas79@...> wrote:
      >My name is Kizzyann sam I am searching for my mother's (Florence
      >Griffith) relatives.My mother was born in Bush Lot, Essequibo. All my
      >father's genealogy records are accounted for. All i have to track my
      >mother's side is very vage and almost non-exsistant, with names given
      >to her from my grandmother (Margaret Griffith) who was afraid my mother
      >would not be accepted into the family because of her skin color. My
      >grandmother's father came to Guyana,from Barbados and settled in the
      >pomeroon around early 1920'sor much earlier. His name was Griffith and
      >of the malatto race. My grandmother's mother family came from India
      >with the name...Cadeir... which the changed later to ....cadells... my
      >spelling of these names may be a bit off. I would really like to
      >reconect with this half of my family. If anyone has information i would
      >really appreciate it.
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