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1865Searching for family

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  • frank compton
    Aug 7, 2012
      To the Guyanese Group

      May I first begin by saying thank for the posts recieved so quickly on joining your group, I'm impressed.

      What I would like help with is the following:

      My Great-great Grandmother left St Lucia for Guyana as far as can be discerned in the early to mid 1940's, lived in Georgetown on either Water St or Waterloo St.

      This is where I'm stuck on how to get more details about her life there.

      How can I find out if she owned property in Georgetown, when she died and thus get a death certificte and find out if she had a will reisgistered in Guyana.

      I have recently come across some family papers related to her and no alive in the family knows much about her or her life.

      My Great-great Grandmother went by the name of Isabel,/ Isabelle,/ Elizabeth Charmont/Charmeau.    She had children by a schooner captain who was based in Guyana, and traded around the Caribbean.

      Any suggestions, direction  on how to get information is appreciated.                                         

                                                                                                     Many, many thanks