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1751Accessing Court Records of 19th Century British Guiana?

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  • Sancho Bentick Campbell Friday Kissoon So
    Sep 13, 2010


    Peace and Blessings! Autochthon my brethren

    Is it at all possible for you to point me to a legal historian or researchers specializing in legal matters respecting the colony of British Guiana.? I am particularly interested in the following;

    1. The usage of the court system as a weapon in the arsenal of the colonial authorities against the underprivileged working class people of the colony of British Guiana
    2. Demerara Railway Company versus the Village Councils; Golden Grove and Nabaclis, Buxton and Friendship, and Victoria.
    3. The appropriation of the lands purchased by Africans to facilitate the East Coast Railway. I think of establishment of the East Coast Railway in similar terms as the usage of the law of eminent domain.
    4. Accessing the plans of the plantations on the East Coast of Demerara as laid down by the sworn land surveyors, immediately after they were purchased by Africans. I am particularly referring to the following plantations; Nabaclis, Golden Grove, Victoria, Buxton, Friendship, Beterverwagting, Plaisance, Sparendaam, Ann’s Grove, and Two Friends.
    5. Accessing the Minutes of the Village Committee of the Central Board of Health and that which preceded and succeeded the Central Board of Health.  Would love to access petitions of villagers of the East Coast of Demerara.
    6. Reports of the Inspector of Villages
    7. Minutes of the Court of Policy - love to access petitions of villagers of the East Coast of Demerara.
    8. Ordinances respecting the Villages of the colony of British Guiana
    9. Access to records of Birth, Marriages and Deaths before and after 1868, including such records respecting the various denominations of churches found in the colony of British Guiana.
    10. Is it possible to access records of vital statistics of members of the British Guiana Police Force? Would such records be available to patrons? If so where would they be allowed to access same?
    11. Would it be possible to utilize the data found in the attached files to access and/or obtain vital statistics of the persons mentioned therein?

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    Golden Grove - This village in which I reside was perfectly quiet. The Portuguese shop was untouched and kept open during the whole excitement; and have great pleasure in reporting that the 100 members we have here were all prepared and ready under the leader Mr. Bentick Sancho, well known to the honourable Mr. Porter, to turn out, not to destroy, but to protect the Portuguese shop had the rioters from the other villages attempted to come here on Monday night. The village was so quiet on Tuesday night that Mr. Bentick Sancho who has considerable influence with the people of Victoria went with his minister to that village to aid him in allaying the excitement.