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1747Real Old Guyana Calypso - Bill Rogers

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  • Cyril Bryan
    Aug 20, 2010
    Alumni Associations of  Bishops' High School and Queen's College of Guyana 

    Pre-Labor Day Weekend Jam
    Sunday. September 5, 2010.  8PM to 4AM.  Showtime starts at 1.00 AM.

    at C-PAC  10206, 48th Street.  Brooklyn.  New York. (off Farragut Road)
    Starring Alison Hinds. D Soca Queen, DJ Hannah and DJ Flex.
    Admission $25.00.  For info and VIP tickets call (347) 232-8930.
    See Flyer attached: Carib Life Flyer -1

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    In the meantime enjoy these videos that were recently added to the Blog.

    Real Old Guyana Calypso - Bill Rogers

    Real Old Guyana Calypso - Bill Rogers

    Here are three really vintage Guyanese calypso recordings by Bill Rogers, a Guyanese singer from the 1930's and 1940's. This type of music was called "Shanto". Have a listen and a laugh at the lyrics as they scrool down as the music is played.   Enjoy!!


    B.G.(which stood for British Guiana in Bill Rogers' time )was probably his most popular song. It was re-made by other artistes and was also used in commercial jingles.


    As one comment said: "Love this old song,brings back memories of Hunt`s cook up served late night at Bourda Market green and also Nut- Channa man at Camp Street by the jail".


    Old time Guyanese Shanto Song from the 1930's sung by Bill Rogers. It's about a woman selling medicinal plants

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