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1730Guyanese Online Newsletter - March 2010

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  • Cyril Bryan
    Mar 8, 2010
    Guyanese Online Newsletter - March 2010                                                         3

    This monthly Newsletter and the GUYANESE Online Weblog are designed, edited and produced  by Cyril Bryan.

    In the past months you may have received the GABI Newsletter from me.  This newsletter expands that idea to include all groups and organizations as well as individuals in the Guyanese Diaspora who would like to use it to make others aware of their work in their communities and in Guyana.

    Guyanese persons,  Organizations, Associations and groups are asked to send  their articles, announcements, and features for publication our E-mail address: guyaneseonline@....

    E-Mail replies or comments, or requests for inclusion or exclusion from our mailing list to the same address.

    Please forward it to your Guyanese organizations and friends.

    Kindest regards

    Cyril Bryan

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