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100Semple, McFarlane, Kendall, Martin, Ross, McPherson, and Keith Codogon (Musician)

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  • Sancho of Nabaclis
    Apr 5, 2005
      Highest Blessings!
      Firstly, please accept my very sincere thank you - for your most wonderful replies. let me very quickly add - I made the inquires based on memories of conversations I shared with my most beloved ancestor, Mrs. Muriel Ross (Miss Muriel Sancho, prior to January 29, 1943),  my older sibling Compton Ross, Aunt Dorothy Slayter, and childhood recollections. As I recall my mother insisted that Semples are her relatives, and I am positive this is possible by the blood lines of  her mother Rachel Campbell. The pages of the Who is who in British Guiana revealed  there is definitely a Campbell - Semple union, Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara. There's also a Bobb- Campbell union in Ann's Grove, East Coast, Demerara.
      What remains is this simple matter of linking the Campbells of where ever they are found to Campbell of Lancaster, East Coast Demerara.
      I do not know whether the possibilities exist that the named families are connected to Sancho, however, I am possitive they are all families who are related to the descendants of George E. Ross and Miss Muriel Sancho. My grand mother is descended from Semple, McPherson, Ross, among others of the West Coast Berbice. I do not know my grand mother's relatives - that's what I am attempting to learn.
      I heard of McPherson, I met one who was a Commissioned Officer in the GDF. I am thinking his name is Gladwin. I do not know of the Semples of Fyrish, and other parts of the Corentyne. I believe that all the Semples of Guyana are relatives. Concerning, Fyrish, my family resided there prior to my birth, and one of my siblings was born in that location - so it's special to me - I am also interested in learning of the Campbells, Sandys, Sanchos, Fingals , Ross, and Marks of Fyrish, Port Mourant, Rose Hall Town, on the Corentyne, Canje, New Amsterdam, other locations in Berbice, and indeed Guyana as a whole....
      Please indulge yourselves in data below - extracted from the Who is who in British Guiana, 1945 -1948 (Fourth Edition). I am currently in the Library flipping the pages of  British Guiana directory and almanack for the years 1883, 1890, 1898, and 1902 - feel free to ask me to look folks etc... I will be doing so for a few hours....
      Please refer my inquiries to those of your relatives who may very be able to enlighten me.....
      Let's talk - shall we?
       Davd Nathaniel Bobb ---Sawmiller.
      Resides: Stewartville, West Coast, Demerara.
      Born: 16 August 1888 at Stewartville,  to David Bobb, Sugar Curer, and his wife, Annie nee Thierens.
      Educated: at Stewartville Missionary School.
      Was a Sugar Curer.
      Married: March 1920 - Angeline Blair.
      Has one son and five daughters.

      George Lewis Bobb --- Solicitor.
      Resides: at 334 Cummings Street, Georgetown 4.
      Born: at Buxton, East Coast, Demerara, to Thomas Bobb, Village Overseer, and his wife, Agnes nee Douglas.
      Educated: at Friendship Anglican School, East Coast, Demerara,  and at University College, London, England.
      Has been Head Master of Ann's Grove Wesleyan, Providence, and Hopetown Congregational Schools.
      Was articled to the Late Hon. E. F. Fredericks, L.L. B., and matriculated at London University.
      Married: Josephine Ameila James.

      Henry Theophilus Bobb --- Warrent Officer, B.G. Police Force.
      Resides: at Central Fire Station, Georgetown.
      Born: 1 March 1892, at Belladrum, West Coast, Berbice, to Luke Bobb, Labourer, and his wife, Grace Alice nee Taylor.
      Educated: at Belladrum School.
      1915 --------Served with military forces in Palestine, British, German, and Portuguese East Africa.
      Holds General Service and Victory Medals, 1918, and Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.
      Married: 20 February, 1920 - Muriel Priscilla Dodson.
      Has one son.
      Recreation:  Cricket, Billiards and Dancing.

      James Bobb --- Postman, Post Office Department.
      Resides: in Georgetown.
      Born: 2 November, 1906.
      1921 -- First appointment in Postal Service.
      1939 -- Present appointment.

      William Conrad Adolphus Bobb --- Attendant at Public Hospital, Georgetown.
      Resides: Two Friends, East Coast, Demerara.
      Born: 16 October, 1887, at Ann's Grove, East Coast, Demerara, to John E. Bobb, Sugar Curer, and his wife, Violet nee Bond.
      Educated: at Ann's Grove Methodist School.
      Is a Carpenter and Sugar Curer.
      1919-22 --- School Attendance Officer.
      Was Senior Attendant at Leprosarium, Mahaica.
      Married: 7 December 1914 - Caroline Adelaide Wickham.
      Has five sons and six daughters.
      Recreation: Cricket.
      Hobby: Music.
      Is a Member Ann's Grove Brotherhood.
      Was a founder of Ann's Grove Co-operative Credit Bank.
      Is a Local Preacher.
      Is Assistant Organist Ann's Grove Methodist Church.
      Was a Member Two Friends Local Authority, resigning in 1943.
      Source: Who is Who in British Guiana, 1945 - 1948 Fourth Edition : page 53.

      Robert Augustus Fingal---Farmer.
      Resides: Rose Hall, Courentyne Coast, Berbice.
      Born: 24 March, 1882, at Rose Hall, Courentyne Coast, Berbice, to Simon Fingal, Farmer, and his wife, Hannah nee Lewis.
      Educated: Rose Hall Scots School.
      Was an Engineer.
      Married: 1 October, 1919 - Margaret Giddings.
      Has four sons and one daughter.
      Recreation: Horse Racing.
      Hobby: Mathematics.
      Source: Who is Who in British Guiana, 1945 - 1948 Fourth Edition : page 178.

      Albert E. Ross --- Farmer.
      Resides: at No. 53 Courentyne Coast, Berbice.
      Born: 21 November 1906, at No. 53 to William Ross, Balata Foreman, and his wife, Angelina nee Cort.
      Educated: at Leeds Anglican School, Courentyne Coast, Berbice, and Privately.
      Was Mason Foreman at Georgetown Sewerage, Mason General Foreman and Bricklayer, Demerara Bauxite Co., and Mason Foreman, Berbice Bauxite Co.
      Married: 31 August 1932 - Negla A. Semple.
      Has five sons and six daughters.
      Recreation: Cricket and Boxing.
      Club: Union United Cricket Club.
      Hobby: Hunting.
      Source: Who is Who in British Guiana, 1945 - 1948 Fourth Edition : page 454.

      Algernon Octalaney Lockhart Ross ---Schoolmaster at Albouystown Hindu School.
      Resides: at 145 Copper Street, Georgetown.
      Born: 24 February 1880, at Buxton, East Coast, Demerara, to Sampson H. A. Ross, Dispenser, and his wife, Cecillia Bobb nee Rogers.
      Educated: at Friendsip Wesleyan Methodist School, East Coast, Demerara.
      Holds First-Class Certificate with Honours from the Oklahoma Correspondence School for Teachers.
      Was a Principal Assistant Teacher at Ruimveldt School and Headmaster of  Coverden School, East Bank, Demerara.
      Is President of the Widow's Association which since its inception in 1932 has found employment for over 1,000 persons.
      Is Master of the Adults' Night School and Master of the Acme School for Adults and Backward Children.
      Author of "Our Race, What are we doing for it?"
      Is President of the Univeral Tract Society.
      Married:  6 September 1933 - Ursula A. Downes.
      Has two sons and one daughter.
      Is a Chiropodist and holds Diploma for same.
      Recreation: Cricket.
      Hobbies: Mirror-Making and Horticulture.
      Is a Social Worker.

      Armin Egerton Ross --- Revenue Runner, Local Government Department.
      Born: 9 February 1909
      1932    Present  appointment.

      Cyril Peter Ross --- Field Overseer, Pln. Port Mourant.
      Resides: at Port Mourant, Courentyne Coast, Berbice.
      Born: 20 August 1909, at Port Mourant,  to Frederick Fitzhardinge Ross, Planter.
      Educated: at St. Joseph's Anglican School, Port Mourant.
      Was Office Assistant, Laboratory Assistant, Assistant Dispenser and Estate Sanitation Officer.
      Married: 11 January 1932 - Irene Malley.
      Has two sons and three daughters.
      Recreation: Cricket and Football.
      Club: Port Mourant Sports Club.

      Frederic Fitzhardinge Ross --- Retired Sugar Planter.
      Resides: in Georgetown.
      Is a Justice of the Peace.

      John Henry Ross --- Dry Goods Dealer.
      Resides: at Zeskenderen, Mahaicony, East Coast, Demerara.
      Born: 15 May 1902, at Belladrum, West Coast, Berbice, to John Ross, Vatmaker, and his wife, Charlotte nee Wilson.
      Educated: at Belladrum School.
      Was Capenter Contractor, at P. W. D., and Rice Expansion Scheme, British Guiana.
      Married: 20 June 1935 - Alma Limerick.
      Has three sons and five daughters.
      Hobby: Billiards.

      Reginald Richard Ross --- Assistant Supervisor of Co-operative Credit Banks, West Demerara and Essequibo.
      Resides: at Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara.
      Born: 15 April 1895
      Educated: at Convent of Mercy, Plaisance, East Coast, Demerara, Trinity High School, and Queen's College, Georgetown.
      1933  ---- Rice Grading Examiner.
      1937 ----  Technical Assistant, Agriculture Department.
      1942 ----- Agricultural Instructor, Agriculture Department.
      Married: Excilly F. Jones.
      Has one son and four daughters.

      William Ross --- Government Sanitary Inspector.
      Born: 5 September 1897.
      1923     Present appointment.
      Is a Widower.
      Has three sons and two daughters.
      Source: Who is Who in British Guiana, 1945 - 1948 Fourth Edition : page 455.

      Edward Alexander Semple ---Farmer.
      Resides: at Paradise, West Coast Berbice.
      Born: 27 November 1863 at Paradise, to Joseph Semple, and his wife, Eliza nee McKenzie.
      Educated: at St. Alban's School and Privately.
      Was a Book-keeper on Sugar Estates.
      Married: 27 November 1897  -  Slyvia I. Pollard.
      Has four sons and one daughter.
      Recreation: Reading.

      Garland Garfield Semple --- Farmer.
      Resides: at Sparendaam, East Coast, Demerara.
      Born: 15 June 1885, at Sparendaam, to William M. Semple, Farmer, and  his wife, Adraina nee Campbell.
      Educated: at Plaisance Wesleyan School, East Coast, Demerara.
      Is a nominated Member of Plaisance Local Authority.
      Was Secretary of Plaisance Cane Farmers Association.
      Was twice married
      Married: 28 October 1941 - Nancy D. Curry.
      Has one son and four daughters.
      Hobby: Reading.

       Levi Josephus Semple --- Farmer.
      Resides: at Lichfield, West Coast Berbice.
      Born: 5 June 1892,  at Lichfield to Alexander  Semple, Farmer, and his wife, Mary Ann nee McKenzie.
      Educated: at Lichfield School.
      Married: 30 December 1935 - Sarah Peters.
      Has one son and seven daughters.
      Is a Member of the Local Authority.:
       Source: Who is Who in British Guiana, 1945 - 1948 Fourth Edition : page 474.

      McLean Semple --- Farmer.
      Resides: at Golden Fleece, West Coast, Berbice.
      Born: 1899 at Belladrum, West Coast, Berbice, to Thomas R. Semple, Farmer, and his wife, Catherine nee Fraser.
      Educated: at St. Alban's Anglican School.
      Has two sons and three daughters.
      1942-43   Member, Golden Fleece Local Authority.

       Moses Josiah Bobb-Semple --- Retired Civil Servant.
      Resides: at 64 D'Urban Street, Georgetown.
      Born:  24 September 1873, at Plaisance, East Coast, Demerara, to John Bobb-Semple, Estate Driver, and his wife, Mary nee Solomon.
      Educated: at St. Paul's Anglican School, Plaisance.
      Was a District Postmaster and Bookkeeper.
      Married: 4 January 1899 - Catherine S. Daniels.
      Has six sons and three daughters.
      Recreation: Farming and Walking.
      Hobby: Gardening.

      Nathaniel Semple --- Crude and Coconut Oil Manufacturer.
      Resides: at Farm, Mahaicony, East Coast, Demerara.
      Born: 1887 at Farm, to Peter Semple, Farmer, and his wife, Adraina, nee Payne.
      Educated: at Mahaicony Scots School.
      Married: 22 July 1929 - Mabel H. James.
      Has two sons and two daughters.
      Recreation: Reading.
      Hobby: Debating.

      Richard Edgar Adam Semple --- First Assistant  Teacher, St. Jude's Anglican School.
      Resides: at Paradise, West Coast, Berbice.
      Born: 25 April 1907,  at Paradise, to Edward A. Semple, Farmer, and his wife, Sylvia I. nee Pollard.
      Educated: at St. Alban's Anglican School, Belladrum, West Coast, Berbice.
      Holds  Class Two Teachers' Certificate.
      Is  certified in Rural Science and Elementary Agriculture.
      Was Pupil Teacher and  Assistant  Teacher, St. Alban's Anglican School, and First Assistant  Teacher at St. Gabriel's Anglican School, No. 28  Courentyne Coast,  Berbice.
      Recreation: Games.
      Hobby: Gardening.
      1930-37  --- Scout Master of  St. Alban's Troop.
      1943 --- Organist of St. Jude's Church, Lichfield and Vicar's Warden of St. Alban's  up to present time.
      Was a Teacher of  Agricultural Bias Class at St. Alban's
      Holds Junior Certificate in Theoretical Music and Pitman's Shorthand.
       Source: Who is Who in British Guiana, 1945 - 1948 Fourth Edition : page 475.

      Charles Cornelius McPherson ---Farmer and Retired School Teacher.
      Resides: at Hopetown, West Coast, Berbice.
      Born: 12 July 1877, at Hopetown, West Coast, Berbice, to Ernest McPherson, Carpenter, and his wife, Stella nee Rowley.
      Educated: Hopetown Congregational School.
      Holds Third Class Teachers' Certificate.
      1893-5            Pupil Teacher, Hopetown Congregational School.
      1896-7            Assistant  Teacher, Belladrum, West Coast, Berbice.
      1898-1905      Head  Teacher, No. 8 Congregational School, West Coast, Berbice.
      1905-35          Head Teacher, Ithaca.
      1935               Retired
      Married: February, 1899, Betsy E. Smartt.
      Has one son and two daughters.
      Hobby: Gardening.
      Has been  Registrar of Births and Deaths, Cotton Tree District, for 25 years.
       Source: Who is Who in British Guiana, 1945 - 1948 Fourth Edition : page 253.


      M'lilwana Osanku -[Selwyn H. Ross]--Sancho of Nabaclis
      Researcher for Sancho Family History
      Golden Grove and Nabaclis, Guyana.

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