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2649UFO Sightings in California (Jan 2014) Pt 1

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Jan 9, 2014
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      Dear Group,
      Less than a week ago,
      Sacramento, Auburn, Redding, Santa Rosa, Stockton, north and all across
      California recently was bombarded with a seemly endless number of mass UFO
      sightings. Were all of these UFO sightings Chinese lanterns, air inversions,
      electrical arcing, fireworks, swamp gas, the planet Venus, hot air balloons,
      aircraft flares or for love of god in heaven on this Judgment Day of the
      wicked, could all of these numerous UFO reported sightings be really real sent
      to deliver some kind of apocalyptic message or imminent warning to the
      California residents despite their stubborn obdurate objection and denial??
      For an absolute surety, it is patently clear that these UFO
      sightings are yet another undeniable case of real UFO phenomena I am sure. There
      were tons of messages given to the residents of California during this event.
      However, exactly what message was given only the residents who witnessed these
      sighting are best able to explain. Maybe soon some who witnessed any of the
      sightings may share when the time is ripe.
      My guess is that this event has something to do either with
      the coming fracture of the San Andreas Fault or more pending disasters or
      fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi NPP in Japan.
      UFO Sightings in California
      (Jan 2014) Pt 1
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